Montag & Pratt: “I Feel Like A Cartoon Character”

    January 29, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who first found fame on the MTV “reality” show “The Hills”, admit they have become the go-to guys when a television show needs a villain or two.

The couple’s most recent foray into reality television was on the UK version of “Big Brother”, where they say they felt bullied by certain housemates and were genuinely scared to go to sleep.

“We didn’t sleep much at all. I always had one eye open. We were watching them thinking they were going to try and kill us in our sleep. We were constantly nervous something might happen. Every time we saw any of them near knives we left the kitchen straight away. Some of them would itch their own face with a butcher’s knife – it was mentally insane. If they’ll hold knives by their own faces I didn’t know what they were capable of,” Pratt said.

But he’s not afraid to admit that he and wife Heidi are sometimes held to a certain stereotype when they participate in these types of shows.

“They brought us in to be Speidi and stir it all up. I feel like a cartoon character. My talent for some odd reason, is being an a**hole,” he said.

But in the past, the couple has made it clear that they just want to be in the spotlight again. In 2011, after a disastrous bout of plastic surgery for Heidi and a sudden downturn in their popularity, the couple spoke openly about doing whatever they had to do to make money.

“If they called me right now and said, ‘We want you to be on ‘Jersey Shore’ and be a bully, and we’ll bring your paycheck back,’ I’d say, ‘Get me on a plane to Italy,'” Pratt said of MTV.

They might start to reconsider their image, however, now that their time on “Big Brother” has come to an end with death threats in hot pursuit. The couple so enraged fans of the show that many took to Twitter to voice their displeasure and have been reportedly threatening in nature.

“The American couple have become the most reviled contestants in the history of the show and Big Brother chiefs will ensure they get close protection from minders when they eventually exit the house,” said The Daily Star.

  • Trish

    They say they would do anything for money. It’s called get off ur sorry a** and get a real job. Ur 15 mins of fame is over.

    • Colleen


  • telliwood

    Something tells me they will be doing porn soon!

    • tammy smith

      I can so see them doing porn………anything to stay in the spotlight. Can’t you just see them in Las Vegas at the Adult Convention?

  • Tim

    “They brought us in to be Speidi and stir it all up. I feel like a cartoon character. My talent for some odd reason, is being an a**hole,” he said……because you are.

  • Megan

    They slept with one eye open? Yea, because people are really going to murder you in your sleep on a reality TV show. These two are idiots and they should just stay away from the spotlight forever.

  • TX_Gurl

    Why are these two even famous? WHO CARES?!?!?!

  • traci cales

    who are these people? never heard of them?!?!?

  • Lyg

    Well Spencer is one of the biggest sociopaths Ive ever seen on reality t.v. And this comment is just him up to his psychotic ways.

  • Heather

    They are old news..they are not celebrities and are a joke.

  • tif c

    Now the Jersey Shore is in Italy?!. Thanks for confirming how stupid you really are.

    • Jayne

      Thanks for confirming how stupid you are seeing as how the show The Jersey Shore just shot a season in Italy a season or so ago. Your reading comprehension sucks as much as Heidi’s probably does.

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    Yeah so Jersey Shore is over

  • mick

    she could be good in porn he might go into gay twink porns