Monster Does Classifieds Deal In Philly

    July 26, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The website run by the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News will have its recruitment site run by online job board

Tough town, Philly. They booed Santa Claus in Philly at an Eagles game in 1968. Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins honed his devastating left hook in Philly gyms, and before him Smokin’ Joe Frazier started off there, before punching his way to Olympic gold, the world heavyweight title, and the amazing fight trilogy with Muhammad Ali.

City of Brotherly Love. Ho ho. Welcome aboard, The job classifieds company inked a deal with the two ink-and-paper dailies to provide the online listings at, Classified Intelligence’s John Zappe reported.

The new owner of both papers, Philadelphia Media Holdings LLC, brokered the deal after acquiring the duo from Knight Ridder, according to a report. This deal will see replace CareerBuilder, which is jointly owned by Gannett, Tribune, and Knight Ridder (now McClatchy).

It’s a big deal, as this will be Monster’s first ever deal with a traditional newspaper. Online classifieds have been seen as the death of many a newspaper’s revenue stream from classified advertising. On August 14th, when a site debuts, many will watch the partnership of former rivals with considerable interest.

Zappe said that instead of Monster approaching the Philly papers, as it had done aggressively with other newspapers, ownership approached Monster. The ownership had also considered pairing with Yahoo, which delivers job listings as part of its HotJobs service.

But Monster won the role, and CareerBuilder will go job hunting. Tough town, Philly.

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