Monica Lewinsky Writes About Celebrity Nude Scandal

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Monica Lewinsky is one person who knows what it's like to watch a cache of secret, sensitive information get leaked to the public, so it's no surprise that she could empathize with celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton after a nude photo leak rocked Hollywood recently.

Lewinsky wrote about the leak in Vanity Fair, saying she recently had a photo scandal pop up online herself. They were fakes, but the panic they induced gave her a good idea of what these young stars faced when news spread that private photos had allgedly been hacked from their phones.

"For all of our Instagram-enabled narcissism these days, there is no small degree of assault involved in having our private thoughts, our private conversations, our private photos dished up for the amusement and entertainment of the masses. Like so many others, I feel outrage—as a fellow victim, as a civilized individual, and as a woman—when other women are so easily and publicly violated. And I have found myself wondering: Have we become a world of pathetic voyeurs? Are we turning into scruffy old men in dirty raincoats slouched in the back row at the Gotham City theater?" she wrote.

Many of the stars implicated in the scandal claimed that the photos were fakes, and some, like Jennifer Lawrence, have their lawyers on the case, ready to pull down any photos that even resemble the star.

"Being human we often find ourselves torn between our own right to privacy and our dissolute desires as voyeurs and gossips in an image-and trivia-fueled culture. How much we indulge our inquiring minds is an individual choice. But certainly we can agree that stolen private nudes of actresses (or of anyone, really) is crossing the double yellow line," Lewinsky wrote.

Amanda Crum
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