Monica Lewinsky Needs To Go Away

    May 12, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Why is anyone talking or caring about Monica Lewinsky right now?

The fact that Hillary Clinton, wife of former president Bill Clinton, may announce plans to try for the White House once more is not a good enough reason for a political relic to be garnering this much attention.

In 2008, hardly anyone cared about the scandal from the 1990s. Of course racial vs sexism in politics was what all the media outlets were gabbing about.

Who had time for the former mistress with so much other ammo was right there for news pundits?

Now is a bizarre time to break one’s silence.

Did she need everyone’s undivided attention with Barack not the star, but on his way out of Washington D.C.? Did a Beyonce lyric drive the infamous “other woman” out into the public eye?

Again….who cares and why?

Following the George W. Bush presidency, what happened with her and the former president is hardly noteworthy in a post 9/11 and post gay marriage political world. A lot can change in a couple of decades, and the scandal barely qualifies as “old news” worth rehashing.

It’s also important to note that this is someone who will never be relevant in politics or any other field for any other reason than sleeping with a former president. This is her fate and her lot in life. That will be her footnote in the halls of history.

It may seem unfair that the Clintons remained married and the husband’s legacy is intact. Meanwhile Lewinsky can’t even give her full name no doubt without being asked if she’s THAT Monica Lewinsky.

However, let’s look at this logically for a moment.

The generation that was born at the height of the scandal likely do not remember or care about most of the parties involved. Hillary Clinton is known for her own political career to these voting youngsters far more so than as a wronged political wife.

She will move forward based on her political accomplishments. If Clinton is hindered, it will be because those political views and accomplishments are polarizing. Yes, sexism may play a role.

None of the relevant players today have anything to do with a Throwback-Thursday of a scandal. At least not anymore.

Now that Monica Lewinsky has set the record straight (albeit at a time no one needed or asked for such a thing), perhaps she can do what she should have done nearly twenty years ago: Change her name, dye her hair, leave the country and dare to get into a line of work that won’t bring her anywhere near the White House.

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  • joy

    Wow. This woman’s life was ruined by her poor choices AND a president who lied about it and vilified her without so much as an apology to her. Toni – you can make valid points AND include a modicum of compassion.

  • sb

    Wow, is right. This article is just a heartless as former president Clinton. She deserves some sympathy and should be allowed to be able to move on with her life without being pointed out for her past.

    • joy

      Thank you

  • An Adult

    Absolutely one of the worst articles I’ve read on Ms. Lewinsky’s situation and Vanity Fair article. “Heartless,” and lacking compassion is right on the money. Reads like it’s written by a high school “mean girl” rather than a mature thinker, let alone, another woman. 22-year-olds in love with older, more powerful men, are at their mercy, you dink, and Monica paid so much more for that one moment in her life than anyone should have to. Change her name? Dye her hair? Why? Good grief.

    • joy

      You rock and I love how you made good points

  • Evie

    Seriously. SHE should leave the country?? Are you for real? Did she make some really bad choices in her early years? Absolutely. But to say she’s paid for those mistakes 100 times over is an understatement. Since that time other people have done far worse and been completely forgiven by the public. There are many of us who do remember that scandal very well and she seriously got a raw deal. Really sad that all the years later she still can’t catch a break from people like you that just can’t give her one.

    • joy

      Very salient points!

  • joy

    Somehow, it’s even worse when a woman disses another woman like that. Monica wasn’t married, Monica wasn’t older, Monica wasn’t president – yet her life was ruined and Clinton’s wasn’t.

    Okay, that was 20 years ago, right?? We’ve evolved, right?

    One would think that in 2014, freelance hacks (Toni) looking to be “trending” on Yahoo could come up with a better attention-grabbing angle for the story.

    • mike

      Clinton’s life wasn’t ruined?????? What the hell you been smokin’, Joy. His wife left him, his reputation was destroyed, and he was nearly kicked out of office for it. He may have brought it on himself, but it takes two, and neither of them have been able to get away from it. She’s no victim, She went willingly, and no matter what she has said, she knew damn well what she was doing.

      • joy

        It wasn’t ruined at all. He has a legacy as a successful president (albeit in good times that practically anyone would have had 2 good terms). Clinton has plenty of money, influence, connections, prestige and anything else anyone would want. Clinton’s wife DIDN’T leave him (but Hillary has taken plenty of heat for that choice). Conversely, Monica has had trouble finding employers to hire her, finding a love relationship, and her legacy lives on in infamy. Nowhere does Monica claim she is a victim. She made bad choicesand life goes on.
        Double standards are alive and well in 2014; the writer of this article isn’t some immature “mean girl” fresh out of hack school but an older minority woman (an “artist”, no less), who should know better than to throw someone under the bus.

  • Don

    I agree TOTALLY with the title of the article and its message.

    • joy

      Of course you do. I’m not surprised. Your reaction is typical of most people.

  • mike

    I didn’t care then, and care even less now. I want a President who can get laid. If our President cant get someone into bed, man or woman, how the hell are they going to get anything done? Getting something done these days in politics is like trying to get laid at a Baptist revival. By the way, just what the hell should Bill have apologized for anyway? Should he have thanked her for ruining his reputation, his marriage, and nearly costing him the Presidency? I don’t think so! Don’t give me this he chased her crap, either, because it wasn’t rape. She gave it up. No remorse for her or Clinton. Not from me anyway.

    • joy

      And though you are being a total ass you make a good point. Monica served her country well in her own way. For a time she made the leader of the free world happy in a way his wife couldn’t or wouldn’t. It was an important function, right up there with serving in the military, helping homeless/mentally ill, and so on. Don’t you think that would have been a better angle for this smack article? Certainly far more original than painting someone with a one-dimensional whore paintbrush.

  • Bud Bundy

    needs to go away? hell no! hey i still wanna bang her. i’ll use a blunt. MONICA MARRY ME! I LOVE YOU!

  • Bud Bundy

    still hot after all these these years.

    • joy

      She looks better than ever. Like a fine wine and cheese – better with age.

  • Bud Bundy

    hey its my turn. its been 18 years and she is hot. i wanna bang her. i can do it better then bill. since i was a kid i supported her and it was no ones business. i’ll marry her.

  • Lydia

    Monica was not a minor. She was old enough to know what she was doing. Remember that she did the same to her male teachers. Of course, women libs didn’t come to support her, because she betrayed a woman (the wife). Of course, no man will marry her. Not only does the entire nation know what she did, but the entire world. What man wants a wife that everyone will snicker about? It is a matter of pride for any man. Imagine if she had kids and what they would go through in school. She went after Clinton, remember she lifter her dress and showed him her thong. No one is keeping her from moving on but her own choices. Sure she is pathetic and some people feel sorry for her, but she can work and she comes from a wealthy family.