Money Week For Yahoo, eBay, & Google

    October 15, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Quarterly earnings reports from three of the Internet’s most prominent brands hit the markets this week.

Yahoo’s earnings call takes place on October 16th, with eBay’s the following day, and Google’s the day after that. Each site draws millions of visitors to their properties; that’s the only real similarity to be noted in this week of earnings reports.

Jerry Yang has a lot of negativity to overcome on Tuesday. Analysts aren’t expecting much from Yang, and the consensus is that’s likely what impatient investors are going to get: eight cents per share and revenue in the $1.17 billion to $1.31 billion range excluding traffic acquisition costs (TAC), according to CNN Money.

Meg Whitman and eBay already disclosed their bad news: a massive writeoff of their VoIP purchase, Skype, for which Skype’s co-founder Niklas Zennstrom says eBay overpaid. EBay will take a $1.43 billion charge to the bottom line, $530 million of that related to the Skype writedown.

If you want gleeful optimism, there’s Google’s forthcoming conference call on Thursday the 18th. Analysts expect a 54 cent gain in earnings from the second quarter, to $3.47 per share. Ahead of these lofty expectations, Google disclosed its anti-piracy tools for YouTube today, a long-delayed product release that could help its tenuous relationship with Hollywood content producers.