Monad Command Line Shell Becomes…

    April 26, 2006

“Power Rangers” Uh, I Mean “PowerShell” . Microsoft has given its command line interface/scripting language product Monad a brand name.

Rather than go the boring, typical Microsoft route and call it “Microsoft Windows .NET Command Management Shell”, they went in the other direction, and didn’t do much better, because they reached that “good brand name area” and kept driving. Monad is now “PowerShell”.

Uh, okay. It doesn’t suck, like most names, but it seems kind of weird. Of course, I don’t know jack about what PowerShell actually does besides being something like DOS, but not as old-fashioned, so maybe the name works. Could have been worse; they could have called it DOS Vista.

The RC1 version of PowerShell is a free download for Windows XP, 2003, Vista and Longhorn Server. Get it for:

Someone already wants bloggers to unite against the PowerShell name.

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