Moms Rely On Search Engines

    August 21, 2007

DoubleClick Performics, the marketing division of DoubleClick, has released data from a search usage study that focused on "moms" which was conducted with Microsoft and ROI Research.

 The study "Searcher Moms-A Search Behavior and Usage Study" found heavy search engine usage for online and offline purchases.

"Although we suspected much of what the study uncovered, we gained a much better understanding of just how much moms rely on search engines to accomplish a wide range of tasks, literally on a daily basis," said Stuart Larkins, vice president of search for DoubleClick Performics.

"Of the nearly 1,000 moms surveyed, 89 percent use the Internet at least twice/day, and 90 percent have been using it for more than seven years. A whopping 86 percent of respondents said search engines are the most efficient way to find information."

The study also found that 70 percent of moms use search engines to find information before making an online purchase and 57 percent use search engines to gather information before making an offline purchase.

When it comes to consumer-packaged goods, 72 percent of moms said they used search engines to compare prices and 71 percent said they used search engines to find retail locations.

"Manufacturers and marketers targeting this audience through any kind of advertising campaign should be sure to integrate a well planned Search campaign. Sixty-four percent of women reported using a search engine to gather more information after seeing an advertisement," said Scott Haiges, President of ROI Research Inc.