Moms Brawl At Kids’ Talent Show, Blame It On Each Other

By: Amanda Crum - June 7, 2013

Two women in Orlando, Florida had it out with each other this week at an elementary school talent show, which landed one of them behind bars on charges of battery.

Jessica Tyler said she was trying to get photos of her niece while she was onstage performing but kept getting blocked by Latisha James, who was standing up with her own camera.

“I walked up to the lady. I asked her just to kneel down for a second just so I could get a picture of my niece and she turned around and said, “No, I ain’t (expletive) sitting down.” said Tyler.

Tyler took matters into her own hands and stepped in front of James to snap her pictures, but she knocked down James’ 3-year old daughter in the process, and though she says it was an accident, Latisha James didn’t take kindly to it. She put her hands on Tyler’s throat and the two went at it in the middle of the crowd, and now both women are banned from school grounds.

James says she may lose her job at a local hospital and faces a year in prison. Authorities are deciding whether or not Tyler will face charges, as well. The entire incident was caught on video, because several other parents were recording the show.

Amanda Crum

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    “My baby collect mo’ welfare dan yo’ baby.” Sheeeeeeeeet, yo’ baby dun got no Iphone from obama.

    You don’t even have to read the story you can piece it together, demographics and all.

  • Gwen

    Both women should be made to appear before student-body and apologize for their childish behavior, put on a year’s probation, given civic duty for 6 months (this punishment will give them time to think and reflect on how to control their tempers; if probation is violated, do rest of time incarcerated. Latisha should not lose her job, as she has financial and parenting responsibilities and someone else would have the burden of taking care of her children. We all make mistakes and I think she should be given another chance. (“For all have sinned….”) Bible – Romans 3:23

  • http://Webpronews Joe Dutton

    Dumbass Elvis the racist apparently didn’t even watch the video. Mommy name you after the”KING”? Hick ass neanderthal who can’t tolerate diversity. BTW The phone program started under Republican President.

  • derek

    stand your ground law. lol

  • Name

    Way to keep it classy ladies. Too many people live through their kids.