Mom Wrestles Son From Kidnapper: Man Arrested 103 Times

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Noticed this story on Yahoo and thought it would be interesting to share. It’s actually an old story but let us know what you think.

This is another scary abduction story but this one has a happy ending. A woman told police in Charlotte that she was walking beside her 3-year old son as he rode his bike in the park when a man walked by, where he suddenly turned and yanked the boy off the bike by the waist. Luckily, the woman managed to grab onto her son and fought the man over him.

“He just snatched him around the waist, off the bike and that’s when I jumped on, and grabbed Liam and that’s when we were fighting about him,” Camilla McCall said. “The only thing I could think of is, I’ve got to hold on to him as tight as I can.”

The man eventually let go and fled the scene, but police were able to retrieve a box from a local fast-food restaurant which contained a receipt, and, believing it belonged to the man, confirmed their suspicions with surveillance footage at the restaurant. That led to the arrest of 41-year old Jerry White, who has a whopping 103 arrests on his record. While officials say they were mostly non-violent offenses, nearby residents are shocked that he was walking free after so many crimes.

“That is crazy that he is still walking around here in our neighborhood and he’s been arrested that many times,” said McCall.

Fortunately for her, the situation ended well. She and her son were unharmed in the incident; however, White was later released and the charges dismissed due to lack of evidence. He was, however, found guilty of the assault charge.

Image: Charlotte Police

Mom Wrestles Son From Kidnapper: Man Arrested 103 Times
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  • SMH

    Install HD Surveilance Cameras on every inch of the street (Sides of buildings, on Traffic/Highway signs and lights, inside parks etc.) & in all public spaces. Criminals wont have any place to hide because law enforcement would be able to track them down by tracking them with the cameras and the criminals wont be able to deny their crimes because they will be caught on camera.

  • SMH

    Because there weren’t any HD Surveillance cameras in that park, if this weirdo had succeeded in kidnapping the kid he would’ve gotten away because there wasn’t any cameras to use to track him down. Cameras will prevent kidnappers, pedophiles, murderers, and thieves from getting away.

  • A Molinari

    More gun control is what we need. Not keep losers like this locked up!!!

    • callie

      I sincerely hope that you are being sarcastic!

    • kevin

      this clown did not use a gun he grabed the child, no guns were mention,in this article

    • tc

      2 strikes law only apply to felonies, the article stated the majority of those offenses were misdemeanors

      • tc

        *3 strikes law

  • mike hood

    103 previous arrests. 103 previous arrests. I’m ashamed of our legal system because whatever happened to three strikes laws? How about a law that after 99 arrests your’re done.

  • rich

    that’s where the stand your ground law works he would have no more arrest end of story for every Travon there are ten real abductions that can be stoped

  • kevin

    i like how the arabs do it no crime in there country , ya start loosing body parts and you think twice about doing this again and if you kill someone theres no prison off with your head ,simple and no extra money for the courts orjails

  • samuel colt

    kill the prick

  • voiceofreason

    I don’t know how this became about gun control as a gun was never mentioned in the article, but since we’ve gone there, if this man had had a gun the mother would be dead and the kid would have been kidnapped. bottom line. what, however we should be adressing is the fact that this man had 103 arrests and was still walking among us. there should definitely be a law passed that addresses these type of misdemeanor repeat offenders. how many offenses are too many? obviously it’s not 100.

  • Bill

    Had this Woman been trained/educated in the use of and carrying a firearm the end of the story could have been better!!!!

    • YTKarashinski


    • Janet Hobbs

      The end of the story is that her son is safe without the use of a firearm.

      • J

        And she is absolutely lucky. Cause if she would have lost her grip it would have been over. Atleast the gun would have given you the second option.

  • Chip

    Three strikes and this person should be in jail for the rest of his abnormal life. Why are these felons released to run amok. Back in the 30’s and 40’s in both Texas and California any felon that was arrested a forth time was sentanced to be hung until dead. Did that threst stop any criminals nope as noone ever said that criminals were smart

  • Star

    The system is all f**ked up….I can’t believe they let him off. Now what if he goes after the little boy again or succeeds at another kidnapping. Smh It’s sad you can’t even let your kids enjoy a ride in the park any more. Thank God she held onto her baby. 103 ARRESTS SMFH!!!! OMG

  • Samantha

    He must be a snitch. He gives the police info they need & they let him go.

  • Byrdman

    When will learn. After about the 10th-15th arrest..he clearly has demonstrated that he cannot or will not live peacefully among law biding citizens. At this point, we simply dispose of the trash. 103 times???? Are you kidding me? And he is walking the streets? You want to know why people hate Liberals and their ideas. Look no further than this story.

  • steve

    why didn’t she just shoot him ohh that’s right some one said she couldn’t carry a gun

    • Janet Hobbs

      First, If she carried a gun, it’s more likely her child would have shot himself or someone on the playground with it. I remember my brother finding a gun in my Grandfathers old WW2 stuff and pointing it to me for fun, and then he shot it thinking it wasn’t loaded, and it was! He missed me that goodness, but the hole in the floor lived on.

      Second,she may not have been carrying a gun, not because it was the law, but more so that one shouldn’t have to live like that. I don’t want to live in a society where everyone and their brother is carrying a firearm. Not every single person who owns one has the mental capacity, maturity or temper to carry one without causing harm to an innocent person. You’re living a fantasy if you think every person who obtains a firearm legally are all righteous hero do-gooders. Many who obtain them legally are accidents and murders just waiting to happen.

      • J

        1st, your bother is an idiot.
        2nd, if everyone and there brother were carrying. Do you think this idiot would have tried his chances of taking the kid and getting shot. This idiot, probably yes, but most probably not.

        • Kelly

          Janet, how exactly did your brother shoot the floor if he was aiming the gun at you? Were you laying down?

  • Matt

    Now if she had a legal right to carry a firearm she could haveended his worthless life and so instead hes back on the street again next hell kill someone

    • Janet Hobbs

      She didn’t need a firearm, she was able to keep her child safe without one. The police found him and arrested him. Will he get out again? Probably, but tougher laws on felons is a better solution than having every mother carrying a firearm. Some people choose not to live in paranoia. The odds are extremely small that an incident like this will happen, but the odds are extrememly high that if you carry a firearm, your children will find it someday and fire it off irresponsibly. Not all children, but enough to make me not want firearms in my house.

    • J

      Matt is one of the few on here that has some sense. Thank you Matt!

    • Michael

      More likely she would not have shot at him for fear of striking her child (if she was responsible) or she would have shot at him and very likely hit the child. Your average citizen with a gun is not a trained firearms expert. It takes time and practice to be able to react appropriately in high stress situations. Law enforcement has to re-certify on their weapons at least monthly. How do we do that in the private sector? We don’t. We just hope that guy with the conceal and carry permit knows what the hell he is doing. Good luck with that!

  • yoyo

    It’s sad in todays world, your not safe anywhere, with a gun or not. In this story, it’s great the mother was brave enough to fight for her son and keep him safe and unharmed. The law is to neutral and bias for our criminals. If he had a gun he still would have been arrested and released making it 104x. If the mother had the gun, showed it or used it on him, she would still be in jail. She would have been convicted and her son would be left without a mother. That’s how wrong our laws are today. I bet if this man hurt an animal he would be on death row!!

    • katie

      i agreed until the last sentence. if he hurt an animal no would do anything actually (sure he’d be in jail for maybe 2 years but thats probably it). sharon mcdonough tortured and killed dozens of cats and dogs, and im pretty sure shes free. i believe an animals life is equal to a humans life because we are animals.

  • Rjohnny49

    This is just another example that the laws are made to protect the criminals and have nothing to do with protecting the innocent. How is
    it possible this woman could not recognize this guy for attempted child theft. The government wants to take our guns, but cannot protect anyone, the laws help the crimnal and works against the person trying to protect themselves. This country has gone insane, how do you gage someone who breaks into your home or trys to steal your children. I say they can only mean harm and any amount of response no matter how serious is mandated.

  • Ellen WilkenStanley

    Too many times a person who has a gun on them, end up shooting themselves or the wrong person. I have also heard that the person with the gun who attempts to protect themselves or loved ones are the ones who end up in court trying to explain what happened while the criminal is complaining about their rights being taken away from them. So how is a gun going to help? Why do we have to kill the person can we just wound them so they cannot do anything? At least they have been stopped and a murder charge is not put against the person trying to protect themselves in the first place.

    • J

      Thats why you move to Michigan. “no retreat” clause. Prevents all persons that were shot by a CPL holder that had just cause cannot sue nor can there family members sue if the person was killed.

      When you carry a firearm and discharge your weapon, your life has to be in iminate danger. So when you shoot you have to shoot to kill. Shooting someone in a wounding manner is interepted as you did not feel your life was in danger cause if it truly was you would take a lethal shot.

      Using your firearm to prevent the kidnapping or sexual assult of yourself or others around you is legal reason to use your firearm. You wouldn’t be charged for murder.

      If the mother would have said “he grabbed my son and started to run off, I pulled my weapon and shot him” the cops would have said “ok, sucks for him I guess”.

      Get your firearm, learn it, train with it. It has to be an extension of your body. It should be second nature.

  • J

    I’m looking at his mug shot and I know I have seen it before. Oh ya cause its been taken a 103 times!

  • sharon egler

    No evidence? The mother couldn’t identify him or no fingerprints or dna possibly on the clothing, etc. Bless the mother, and get her a way to get the man off the streets.

  • http://yauhoo lud

    thats the problem most of the crimes are repete criminals,, a attorney will get up and argue that the criminal has his or her rights,, if they are convicted , they should be put away for life,, u cant rehabilate a criminal,,put a chip in them,, a 45 slug is my preference,, save the tax payers a lot of money,, i know u cant do that today,,when i was a kid u could do that ,, i guess it has changed a lot, for the worst,,its like the shooter in the theater or schools, if they dont take there own life , why have a hearing for them,,they are guilty,,i could go on but wont,,,

  • your mother

    so i read and commented on this article yesterday. i came back today to see if anyone replied to a comment i made. now, i’ve noticed that not only has this jackass of a writer edited her own article, but she completely removed her comment in her first paragraph saying something like “I thought I’d share this story of someone that DIDNT need a gun to protect her child.”

    THIS IS WHY EVERYONE IS COMPLAINING ABOUT GUNS IN THE EARLIER COMMENTS. If you don’t like people calling you out on your ignorance, Amanda, at least have the balls to discuss it in the comments. Deleting your own words after people disagree with you is the most cowardly way to deal with it. Go eat some more mexican food, you whale. Hunter S. Thompson would be embarassed to be followed by the likes of you.

    • Chyne

      Good catch! What a coward.

  • Victor Baker

    If this kidnapping had taken place in the justice system and he played his cards right, it could of been a legal kidnapping. See on Youtube (kidnapper above the law.mwv) documents. FBI,GBI since 1993 refused to investigate. Now a kidnapped child lost her child to the same kidnapper. The system is dead in the water to stop smarter kidnappers. See the documents that tell shocking stories,corruption and cover ups.

  • Cassandra

    And I went to jail for breaking my ex-lover’s truck window! Help us JESUS! Maybe he is mentally ill????

  • Ashley

    Why didn’t they keep him in jail. Arrested 103 times? Give me a break!

  • Ms. Chan

    They released him 4 lack of evidence. With 104 charges now, his ass should have been thrown under the jail cell.

  • Kimberly Colbert

    You dont mess with us McCalls!!!

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