Mom Reduces 8-Year-Old to Snotty Mess by Telling Him He Accidentally Bought $50K Mustang on eBay

By: Josh Wolford - January 3, 2013

Kids and technology occasionally run up against each other in unpredictable or dangerous ways. Kids and technology that is linked to your bank account – now that’s danger on a whole other level.

So what do you do when your kid almost buys an expensive car on eBay?

Tell him he really did buy it and reduce him to tears, of course. That’ll teach him.

Josh Wolford

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  • alisa

    What a horrible mother!!! Seriously!

  • James

    Hey, She taught her son a valuable lesson.
    The fact that the kid even fell for the joke, means he doesn’t know how to handle ebay and other purchasing sites. As such, I don’t blame her for scaring him off the internet.