Mom Publicly Shames 11-Year-Old Daughter for Twerking at a School Dance

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The only thing more embarrassing than the thought of an 11-year-old girl twerking on some guy at a school dance is the embarrassment of having to stand on a street corner holding a twerk-shaming sign.

In damn you Miley, look what you've done news, a woman forced her 11-year-old daughter to stand at an intersection holding a sign that said "I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at a school dance."

"That's even think that's ok at a school dance," said Frances Hena of Bakersfield, California. "And the school didn't even call me and let me know that it was going on."

Apparently, Hena was notified of her daughter's twerking by a friend.

"I also want her to realize that she is just a child and she can't do that - she just can't. Every parenting is different. Um, I mean, what am I supposed to do? Whoop her and you know, get the cops called on me? I mean, I think this is embarrassing, I do. I'm embarrassed for having her twerk at a school dance."


Yeah, you probably shouldn't "whoop" her. Maybe ground her? Give her a stern talking-to? Take away her internet privileges? I'm not sure about the whole standing on the street corner with a sign thing. I mean, she's freaking eleven.

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