Modern Marketing and Change

    March 6, 2007

Three years ago Jeff Jarvis was kind enough to share one of his presentations with me about the changing trends in media. 

It provided a wonderful insight into the US market in 2004. 

A lot has happened since then but Jarvis is still nailing the trends shaping the marketplace. 

Here he is today:

"The real lesson…is not about tools, skills or business forecasting. It is about embracing change, instilling a culture of innovation and experimentation and a willingness to question and try and fail…It’s not about establishing a new orthodoxy of a new media priesthood; I hope we never reach that." 

He’s talking about newspapers but modern maketeers everywhere should take note. 

The landscape is not about the latest widgets or theories, there are too many to keep track of for one thing, but a deeper understanding and a willingness to act differently.  (You can see Jarvis here talking at Edelman).



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