Mobile Search: Speaking Truth to Profits

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Millions of handsets rest in pockets and purses around the world, and they represent little foldable parts of a multi-billion dollar pie for the search engine market.

Mobile Search: Speaking Truth to Profits
Mobile Search: Speaking Truth to Profits
Mobile Search: Speaking Truth to Profits

Simplicity has been the trait of many successful tech-related services. Google, Digg, Delicious, and Flickr come to mind as examples. Such simplicity will be needed to make mobile search fulfill its promise to consumers and to the companies providing it.

An Opus Research report by Dan Miller and Greg Sterling said that mobile search success will start with a word:

The spoken word is the most natural way to initiate mobile searches

Mobile Search: Speaking Truth to Profits
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  • Burton Floyd

    The key to mobile and local search is providing an interface that a surfer(customer) can readily recall/enter in the mobile or pc browser as the zip code is used today. Zip has its drawbacks as who can recall 50,000 of them for use in traveling(hence mobile). Our new address codes make it simple as every business address on the ground is its address on the web.Our site hopes to achieve this distinction.www.roadjunctions.us

  • Cassie

    I’ve been using 1-800-free411 for over a year now. It’s voice activated and bypasses the over-the-top fees my cell phone provider would ordinarily charge for a call to directory assistance. In addition to being voice activated, they have operators standing by in case your listing is too complex for the system. They also have category searches if you don’t have a specific business listing in mind but want to find a certain type of business. They’re the front runners in my mind and setting the example for the rest. Intuitive, simple, steamlined and totally free.

  • Chad

    Bill Gates may have said that the Yellow Pages is dead, but, on the contrary, I just read this press release that says they are intering the mobile search industry head first with the new FREE YP411! It’s a text messaging search. Send the company name or industry heading (such as florist) to YP411 and it sends you a message with the top 3 or so related businesses nearest to you.

    Here’s the link to the service discription:


    I used it and it worked; so it’s good for me.


  • Rick c Kern

    The first with the simplest search will rule. I don’t want to text into my phone to search.

    It needs to be fast and cheap–$1.25 gimme a break— 5 cents? it will rock and roll.
    Try to break the bank on each transaction and it won’t work.

    The cell phone companies will get it wrong. They have their billing ideas to punish the heavy user, not to encourage them to use more by getting cheaper the more the use.

    Voice search needs to be simple and clean. The keywords linked to either zip or location are going to rule in cell phones.


  • pl

    I think it will be big, but given the cost of mobile internet access and mobile unit processing power, it might take at least 2-3 more years

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