Mobile Phone Film Project Open To All Women

    February 15, 2008

A new film project called "Overheated Symphony" is asking all women with mobile phones to make a short movie between 40 seconds and four minutes in length and then send it over the Internet to a London-based film director who will edit the clips together.

Birds Eye View

The project is part of the Birds Eye View film festival happening in London next month, which features the work of female filmmakers. Besides the overall theme "Overheated" there are no restrictions on content or subject matter. " If it’s hot, we’d like to see it," the projects Web site states. "Ladies wherever you are, whoever you are, we want you to join in.’

Sarah Turner, the British film director who will be doing the final edit from the mobile phone submissions, says the concept for "Overheated Symphony" comes from the 1927 film by German filmmaker Walter Ruttmann called "Berlin – Symphony of a Great City," which used a collection of still pictures from a variety of sources to capture city life.

"Because they are films made by women, women’s themes and issues are bound to be an integral part of the finished piece," she told Reuters. "Making a film from all these female voices around the world is quite a beautiful thing, but also it’s about shooting down the idea that women are not up to date with technology," said Rachel Millward, director of the Birds Eye View festival.

Contributors can go to the Birds Eye View’s own YouTube channel to upload their films to be edited. The deadline is March 2 and the finished result will be shown March 9 at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts.