Mobile Marketing Revs Up

    March 8, 2006

One sure sign of summer is the up tick in mobile marketing news. The latest is from the Delaware News Journal.

I’m interviewed for the piece. It was an impromptu, phone interview. The reporter found me via a Google search on the topic, called me yesterday and we did the interview. My quotes prove this out.

In addition to the classic examples detailed in the above links, we’re seeing new mobile marketing efforts unveiled fairly regularly.

Perhaps it’s the time of year, but I’m curious if the increase might also be tied to the waning effectiveness of traditional advertising?

We’re also seeing more examples of pop-up retail as retailers try and differentiate their brands by providing new, unexpected experiences. Both tactics generate a lot of excitement, even though one sells product and the other simply markets it.

Either way, it looks like we’re in for a fun summer, brought to you by…

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