Mobile Marketing A Challenge

    January 3, 2007

Mobile Marketing is not something the majority of Americans are looking forward to. That is according to a new report from Forrester Research titled “Is the U.S. Ready for Mobile Marketing?” 79 percent of online users cannot abide the idea of ads on their mobile phones. Only 3 percent are willing to trust text ads on their mobile phone.

Christine Spivey Overby, a Forrester analyst who co-authored the study, said,” “We’ve grown up with this view of the TV commercial interrupting our favorite program,” she said. “There’s this ad-equals-interruption mind-set that we have, and when you think about something as personal as the mobile phone that you hold in your hand and carry in your pocket, the idea of a marketer interrupting you while you have the phone, that’s an idea that consumers hate. ”

The report does say there are three ways marketers can over come the obstacles of mobile marketing. Text messaging and offering coupons and short codes; using banner ads on a mobile browser and creating ad- supported applications and content.

The report recommends that marketers think of the medium and message. They advise on keeping the message brief and measuring the response. The target audience should be Generation X and Y as they are the most likely to be reached by mobile marketing.

“Marketers can’t dismiss mobile,” said. Overby. “2007 is an exploratory year for most mainstream advertisers and we need to keep this in perspective because it’s still a very new market.”

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