Mobile Java Under Trojan Assault

    February 28, 2006

Though uses for Java continue to expand, the threats do as well. Kaspersky Labs reported a Trojan called RedBrowser making the rounds, targeting Java capable cell phones. While this Trojan is annoying, it easily stopped.

Kaspersky reported on their blog they had received a sample of the RedBrowser Trojan for mobile phones on Monday. They quickly point out cyber assaults aren’t limited to smartphones anymore. Most mobile handsets are now susceptible.

They note on their Viruslist blog:

It presents itself as a program which will allow the user to visit WAP sites without a WAP connection. However, the Trojan actually sends SMSs, not to other users, but to premium rate numbers. The user gets charged $5 – $6 for each sms sent.

They explained this Trojan can be easily uninstalled and shouldn’t be a real problem. They also mention that this is the first sample they’ve seen and it’s likely others exist in the wild. It’s one more reason to be careful with one’s electronic toys.

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John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.