Mobile Internet Users Connect To Search

    May 18, 2007

Only 30 percent of U.S. mobile users rely on their phones for Internet access, but those that do, half do so several times a week, according to iCrossing’s "How America Searches: Mobile" report.

Three-fourths of mobile Web users conducted searches.

Around 75 percent of mobile searchers were not willing to go past the second page of search results. The report suggests that mobile sites be optimized for location by search engines in a maximum of three keywords.

Those who used their mobiles for search favored branded search engines like Google and Yahoo to their carriers search features, by two to one.

The most searched categories included maps, directions, weather and local information.

The majority of the mobile searchers expected the sites they visited often to have mobile versions.

To improve mobile search the study says, "In order to push mobile Web access and mobile search into the mainstream, many key pieces need to fall into place. User issues and complaints surround everything from the pricing of data plans to device capabilities to the optimization and formatting of content for the mobile Web."

"Resolving these issues will require the collaboration of an intricate ecosystem composed of wireless carriers, device manufacturers and content owners, including both publishers and search engines."