Mobile Company Offers Free Internet Calls

    February 19, 2007

Challenger mobile, a global telecom service, has unveiled a feature that will speed the process of registering with the company.

When customers complete their one-page online registration and activate their account they will receive all the settings they need to start using the service via text message.

The new feature, released 3 months after the service’s beta launch, is part of Challenger mobile’s strategy to make free global telephony available to people with a mobile phone that supports Internet calls.

The sign up process can be completed in three steps, customers can then make free
mobile Internet calls worldwide when they are in a WiFi zone.

“Challenger mobile now configures quickly and automatically once you have activated your account, allowing people with a mobile phone that supports internet calls — like the Nokia Eseries and Nokia N80ie — to make and receive free internet calls around the world," says Carl-Johan Grund, Vice President of Challenger mobile.

"We will continue to add new features that enhance our free global telephony service. The remarkably fast-growing presence of wireless Internet is a fantastic opportunity for our company to grow and our exceptional development team is both passionate and ready for taking the innovative lead in the market," Carl-Johan Grund concludes.

While this new offering will strengthen the company’s reputation in the mobile global market a negative could be the availability of the service exclusively on Nokia phones.

If the company does plan to offer their service on other mobiles than their potential for growth would be greater.

One advantage to the Nokia handset is that you have the ability to place calls to more than 100 countries.

If you are in the market for a new mobile and want to save money on phone calls abroad than you should investigate in what they have to offer further.

Challenger mobile is the flagship service offered by the Swedish company Mobile Business Challenger MBC AB.

The service is available in over 130 countries.

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