Mobile Business Data To Reach $100 Billion

    August 10, 2007

Combined global revenues from all mobile business categories, including voice, will reach $389 billion by 2012 from $242 billion in 2007, according to ABI Research’s "Mobile Business Applications and Services" report.

Non-voice business data include mobile email, sales automation tools, mapping applications and Internet access will generate over $100 billion in global revenues by 2012.

"Although voice will still generate the bulk of revenues from business customers, mobile data services revenues will become 26% of average revenue per user [ARPU] by 2012, a 29% compound annual growth rate," ABI analyst Dan Shey said.

"Business functions and processes require different amounts of communications, computing and information access," Mr. Shey said. "Value-chain players that participate in creating products with the right mix of these mobile capabilities will be riding a wave of growth for mobile solutions having CAGRs of between 80% and 90%."