MMS Virus Discovered on Symbian Phones

    March 8, 2005

A mobile phone virus that spreads through Mobile Messaging Services (MMS) has been discovered on Symbian Series 60 mobile phones.

The virus is being called CommWarrior.A, and it puts copies of itself on vulnerable mobile phones and sends them to contacts from the address book through MMS.

According to a TechWorld article,

“The messages contain enticing messages such as ‘3DGame from me. it is FREE!’ and ‘Nokia RingtoneManager for all models,’ F-Secure said. CommWarrior can also spread between phones using Bluetooth.

Those who do get infected with CommWarrior can easily shut the virus down by pressing and holding the menu button on their cell phone, then selecting the CommWarrior from the list of applications that appears and pressing the ‘C,’ or ‘Clear’ button, said Victor Kouznetsov, senior VP of mobile solutions at McAfee..”

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