MLB Suspension Rumors: Braun, A-Rod In Deep Trouble

    July 10, 2013
    Shaylin Clark
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Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers and Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees are facing major suspensions from the MLB over the use of performance enhancing drugs. The two players – along with 18 others – could be slapped with suspensions of 100 games, nearly two thirds of a season.

The players are in trouble with the MLB over reports linking them to the Biogenesis Clinic in Miami. Biogenesis purported to be an anti-aging clinic. In January of this year, though, some of the records from Biogenesis (which had recently closed) found their way to the Miami New Times. These records read like a virtual Who’s Who of professional sports, including Major League Baseball. Names like Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colón, and others were listed among the clinic’s patients.

The MLB, as you probably know, takes a rather stern view of the use of performance enhancing drugs, hitting players who are caught doping with lengthy suspensions. According to ESPN today, Braun met with MLB officials on June 29 to answer questions about his link to the clinic. Or, more accurately, to not answer questions. Braun reportedly declined to give the MLB information about the clinic or his involvement with it.

Rumors suggest that A-Rod – who is currently rehabbing from hip surgery in the minors – has a meeting of his own coming up, but he denied knowing anything about it, though he did say that the players involved were under strict instructions not to talk about the case.

This is not the first time Rodriguez or Braun have been linked to PEDs. Several years ago A-Rod’s name came up in a list of players who had tested positive during a time when the MLB was testing players anonymously (supposedly) in an attempt to gauge the scope of the problem. He admitted to using the drugs during his time with the Texas Rangers, but denied having juiced in years.

Braun, meanwhile, narrowly avoided a suspension for PED use in 2012. In December, 2011, results of a urine test he had taken in October were leaked to the media. The test results showed elevated testosterone levels, suggesting the use of performance enhancing drugs. Braun appealed the results in January of 2012, narrowly winning his appeal.

  • Tina

    I think this is sad that major league baseball players resort to such things. How old is A-Rod now? Maybe it’s time for him to retire! Playing while taking steroids to ENHANCE their ABILITY to PLAY is FAKE. It’s not REAL in my eyes. Yeah, obviously, he is really good at baseball. But, obviously his body is getting “tired” and he just needs to give it up and throw in the towel. I am not one to “give up” easily on things, but sometimes you just have to know your limits. He is not getting any younger and there will come a day where he will be forced to retire. I am sure he has PLENTY of money to live off of during his retirement. Just like everyone else in this world, it will take some time getting used to retirement. But, I am sure he can find other “jobs” related to baseball that can keep him “active” in what he loves. Move on A-Rod and quite taking steroids, it does not look good for your reputation. Than again, your reputation was somewhat damaged the last time you got caught!

  • Tina

    Not only does he damage his reputation even more, he also damages the reputation of the team he plays for…pretty lame. I am not a fan of baseball, I just saw this come up on Huffington Post and had to read more about it elsewhere which is how I came here. Plus, I do remember hearing about the last time he got caught amongst others taking steroids. There are plenty of other ways to “enhance” ones ability, and steroids should not be one of them. Getting decent amounts of sleep, when you can, eating right, all help with your mind, body, and soul!