Miyazaki Fans In Japan Set New Tweets Per Second Record

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Japan, Japan, Japan. You rock.

In case any of you didn't already agree, Japan offered up another example of their awesomeness by blowing away the record for tweets per second over this past weekend. The previous record had been established earlier this year when legions of Beyoncé fans tweeted a deluge about Babyoncé. It's fitting that Japan should reclaim the title since they had been the previous owners of the tweets-per-second record before Babyoncé exploded on the Twitters in August. Then, during the MTV Video Music Awards, Beyoncé fans posted 8,868 tweets in one second, besting the record 7,196 tweets submitted when Japan defeated the United States in the FIFA Women's World Cup finals.

So how many tweets per second did Japanese tweeters post? An astounding 11,349!

Now what, you may be asking yourself, occasioned the staggering amount of tweets from Japan? Hayao Miyazaki's animated classic, Laputa: Castle in The Sky, which is an annual television broadcast in Japan during this time of year. The raison d'être of the tweeting fusillade came during the climax of the movie, in which the two main characters, Pazu and Sheeta, cast the one-world spell, "Balse," in order to defeat the villain. Viewers of the movie had readied their Twitter silos to post the "Balse" tweet in unison with the two characters.

And post they did! So what does nearly 12K tweets in one second look like? It looks a little something like this spire of data:

You'll notice in the graph that the "Balse" tweets peaked at 14,594. That's actually the grand total number of tweets worldwide that contained the word "Balse;" the 11,349 figure is specific to Japan. In the United States, I imagine this being the equivalent of tweeters posting thousands of "Fuuuuudddddgggggge" at the precise scene when Ralphie swears in front of his dad in the annual broadcast of A Christmas Story. So good luck, festive Americans, trying to top that whopper of a record.