MIVA Skates InLine With Ad Solution

    January 18, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The newly launched MIVA Monetization Center offers a self-service method of enabling web publishers to add content and search ads to their sites; the product also offers pay per click InLine ads connected to specific keywords in a page’s text.

Chrysi Philalithes, MIVA’s VP of Global Marketing & Communications, said in a chat with WebProNews that the InLine component of MIVA’s Monetization Center represents a point of difference between their new self-service offering for webmasters and competing products. They are the first to offer an inline product alongside a content ad solution.

She stressed that the Monetization Center would not be a conduit for ads-as-content pages. Their quality team would look at sites for editorial content when webmasters apply to be participants in the program.

For those who make the cut, MIVA will reward sites that perform well. Revenue sharing will tilt more favorably toward the webmaster on high performance sites. Philalithes did not provide figures on what the revenue percentages would be; as a point of reference, dominant online ad provider Google reportedly pays about 78.5 cents per dollar in revenue back to its AdSense partners.

The customization and flexibility of the MIVA product should be welcome in the SMB market. Philalithes anticipates MIVA will likely target those small- to medium-businesses as advertisers on its network.

They will want to keep a substantial ad inventory in place to satisfy their publisher participants. Expanding the points of presence where advertisers can expect to see their ads displayed will be necessary to build on the success MIVA has had in attracting clients in the US and UK markets.

Webmasters can choose from three ad products in the Monetization Center: content ads, search ads, and the InLine option. Philalithes also noted some other features of interest for site publishers:

•  Multiple URLs: online publishers can manage multiple URLs under one MIVA MC account and create separate implementations for each.
•  Sophisticated reporting: daily, monthly, quarterly or annual reports can be created that provide up to date summaries of revenue generated.
•  Transparent earning’s calculations: MIVA MC partners in the United States can see the exact share of revenue they generate from the Ads on their site.
•  Channels / sub accounts: enable partners to develop groups of pages and track and compare revenue against these groups.

Sites can take part in MIVA’s network on a non-exclusive basis, meaning they do not have to be concerned with juggling competing ad products that may be in place on a given site.


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