Mitch McConnell Celebrates Gun Control Defeat with Flippant Facebook ‘Meme’

By: Josh Wolford - April 18, 2013

As you’ve probably heard by now, gun control legislation that would ban certain types of military-style assault rifles, limit magazine sizes, and enact more far-reaching background checks for buyers failed in the Senate on Wednesday. We already knew what was going to happen with most of the proposals, but the latter one concerning expanded background checks was up in the air until yesterday.

Although polls show a substantial (90% according to some) support for this measure among Americans, the Senate was unable to pass it through.

President Obama called it a “pretty shameful day for Washington.” You know all of that. Ok.

Well, it appears that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is basking in his victory with Facebook memes.

Here’s what was posted to the official Mitch McConnell Facebook page in the aftermath of the vote. It shows Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) asking for some “gun control,” being denied by McConnell, and in the end hanging his head in defeat.

“We love the memes you send us! Keep them coming!” reads the post. So it looks like a supporter created the 5-panel graphic and Team McConnell decided to share it with their 32,000+ followers.

“Shame on you! You have sold out on the children of Newtown,” says one commenter.

“Shame on every senator who voted against background checks–supported by 90% of Americans. Do you represent us or the NRA?” says another.

The post is generating a lot of buzz with over 3,000 shares and over 5.600 comments. Team McConnell has a history of using the Facebook page to generate support with memes (just take a look at their past activity), but it seems they may have stepped in it here by posting such a flippant gloat over an issue which many Americans would consider of grave importance.

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  • Tom


  • guffaw

    Ha ha ha…I love it. That Harry dillhole Reid got Mitch-slapped!!!

  • RPCole

    I keep hearing this 90% but I have no idea where it comes from. Is this referring to 90% of Obama supporters? 90% of all liberals? I know I live a sheltered life here in rural America but nowhere near 90% of the people I know are in favor on anything this administration is trying to sell us!

    • Seanoamericano

      They asked a room full of yes men but 10% were too brain dead and checked the wrong box. Then as progs and libtards do they put it out as a poll and kept repeating it over and over hoping it would become real.

      • Phillip Batz

        Sort of like the way Karl Rove went off on Fox News, amirite?