Missing Woman: Husband Vows To Keep Searching

    January 27, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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A woman who went missing during a walk near her in-laws’ Texas home is no longer part of a police search, but her husband says he will never stop looking.

33-year old Leanne Bearden and her husband Josh had just returned from a dream trip that took them from Egypt to Cambodia and were planning their next adventure together when she went missing.

“She said she was going to go for a walk, and I said, ‘How long are you going to be gone?’ and she said an hour,” said Josh Bearden. “I said, ‘OK babe, take your time.’ That’s the last thing I said to her.”

Officials in Garden Ridge, Texas searched an area of over 23 miles for Leanne but came up with no clues as to her whereabouts. Now, they’ve called off the search after saying they have been over every area Leanne could have reached on foot, but Josh says he will never stop the search.

“There’s still a lot of area that needs to be covered that I feel that Leanne could have walked,” Bearden said.

The worst part for the family of any missing person is not knowing for sure what happened; the mystery of a disappearance can haunt loved ones for years. Although police say they’re sure Leanne wasn’t the victim of foul play–and have ruled out Josh as having anything to do with the disappearance–the questions weigh heavily on his mind.

“It’s been nine nights and feels like 1,000 years, and everything is going through my head … every single thing you can think of is going through my head,” Josh said. “There’s not one scenario that I have not thought about. The hardest part of all of this, besides not sleeping, has been keeping my hope…The second I lose my hope, Leanne is gone, and my biggest fear is I will lose my hope.”

Speaking to his wife in the hopes that she’s somewhere in the range of his voice, Bearden said, “If somebody has you just hang in there. We’re going to keep looking for you. We’re never ever going to stop looking for you.”

Anyone with information about Leanne’s whereabouts are asked to call the Comal County Sheriff’s Dispatch line at (830) 620 – 3400.

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  • Missing

    Many people go missing in this country. I wonder if this woman lives by a park or a forest. David Paulides wrote an excellent book on just how many people just vanish in this nation. It is called Missing 411. I don't mean to scare people. But really, the numbers of missing people are astronomical. A lot of cases are just like this. People that apparently aren't having problems. Someone goes and takes a walk. Then they are gone. No signs of foul play. Nothing. They just vanish.

    You can go out to YouTube and see videos of this too. I suggest people read David Paulides' books. Strange cases. Like, kids that go missing and then they are found a day or two later, but 500 miles away. It is crazy. People that go missing, but they found the missing person's clothes folded neatly in piles. People that go missing and then are found but have no clue what happened.

    Weird stuff going on in this world. A lot of people going missing. I think we need to really start to consider that there might be aliens or secret government programs that are taking people. There are just too many cases. Too many unexplained cases.

    I really wonder if this person lives by a state park. The park system has many missing people.

    • @Missing

      Garden Ridge is just outside of San Antonia so there aren't any major parks, but I have read the book Missing 411 and you are right. There are a lot of strange disappearances in this world.

      We had a case like that where I lived. A woman went for a walk and just vanished. No foul play. She was married but the husband was ruled out. But around that same time, a police report occurred where someone say weird lights in the sky. Over time, people put the two together, but no one wanted to believe what that implied. That she was simply taken. Then once you start digging, you find out that this happens a lot. The thing with Missing 411 is that the park service stonewalled the author and wouldn't give him statistics. It is like they know it is going on and don't want to acknowledge it.