Missing Toddler's Mom Speaks Out


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The worst nightmare for almost any parent to imagine involves having one's child harmed. Trista Reynolds is living that nightmare. The following video shows Trista Reynolds being interviewed a year after her daughter's disappearance. Ayla Reynolds, the beautiful blue-eyed blonde-haired 20-month-old, has been missing since December 16, 2011.


Trista Reynolds spoke with CNN about the scene where her daughter had disappeared. "What I thought right off my head was it was a murder scene. There was just like Ayla's blood everywhere," Trista said.

As any grieving parent could relate, Trista detailed the emotional agony she felt by looking at the photographs presented to her by law enforcement officials. "I had to actually, I shut it off. I asked them to stop. And there were three or four more pictures that they wanted to show me, and I just, I..I, couldn't," Trista said.

Ayla Reynold's blood was found scattered throughout her Maine house. Some blood was found on Ayla's personal belongings including a doll and one of her slippers. Blood was also found throughout the house and a stain noticed on a living room sofa.

Questions are being asked of Ayla's father, Justin DiPietro, as blood was also found near his sleeping quarters. Justin slept in the basement where blood was found on the walls, floor, his mattress and sheets, and the tongue of his sneaker. Trista Reynolds wants attention focused on Justin DiPietro's whereabouts the night their daughter went missing. Justin was in the house with his girlfriend and sister when Ayla disappeared. Trista requests attention be given to the circumstances surrounding the disappearance.

"All three of those people were in that house that night. All three of them know what happened to Ayla, and all three of them should be prosecuted for it," Trista Reynolds said.

In memory of Ayla Reynolds, and to celebrate a life that ended before it really began, Trista Reynolds released doves into the sky.

[Image And Videos Via YouTube]