Missing Nursing Student Held A Secret From Parents

    March 6, 2014
    Tina Volpe
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The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Syosset, L.I. missing nursing student, Jasmine Joseph, has puzzled law enforcement officials as well as family and friends since she was last heard from in late February. However, according to the local police, there appears to be no “foul play”.

Jasmine’s sudden disappearance and unknown activities since February 24th has her parents and her friends concerned. Friends and extended family have started a Facebook page – “Find Jasmine Joseph” and a $5,000 reward is being offered. It is requested that anyone with information call (516) 573-7347 and ask for Detective Hayes.

In a further effort to find their daughter, the worried parents, Sony and Lovely, gathered friends and family at the local VFW Hall to hand out “missing person” flyers seeking information about their daughter’s disappearance.

The father of the 22-year-old wept while speaking at the local VFW, saying, “Please come back, your papa and mom are waiting for you. We don’t ask you anything.”

During the police investigation it was discovered that Jasmine, who was thought to be attending classes at the New York Institute of Technology, had not been in school since May 2013.

The Joseph’s were stunned, as Jasmine had been living at home and telling her parents she was attending school all through the fall and winter. Their American Express card was even charged $6,072 for the Fall 2013 semester.

“This time, we never see her report card, “ Jasmine’s mother said, “but last spring, the other semesters, she was a straight-A student. When her father asked to see the report card, she said there was something wrong with the computer.”

“That’s not her character,” her mother said. “She always obeys.”

Lovely Joseph, a hospital nurse who works in cardiac care, wondered why she wasn’t seeing textbooks coming home with Jasmine and questioned her. “She told me she was doing online reading,” Mrs. Joseph recalled.

The last time Mrs. Joseph spoke with her daughter, Jasmine, was on Monday, February 24th. The mother said she called Jasmine at 5:17 pm and that her daughter claimed to be in the library at the Old Westbury campus. However, police discovered that Jasmine was actually at Lifetime Fitness in Syosset when she spoke to her mother that Monday evening.

Jasmine never returned home that day or hasn’t been seen or heard from since, and after that initial call her mother made on the 24th, her cell phone started going right to voicemail.

The young girls parent and friends would just like to know where she is, and if she is safe.

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  • Davidio

    She is obviously a sociopath who let her parents waste their money on classes. She does not love her parents or anyone but herself and the person she met and took off with.

  • OBG

    A 22-year-old is not a “young girl,” she is a grown woman who chooses whether to go to class or to the gym, and whether or not to get the education her folks forked out the money for. Of course her parents are worried, they’re her PARENTS, but it sounds as if she pulled a fast one on them and left of her own free will.

  • laura

    Geez, she’s not a girl! She is a young woman who has (obviously) controlling parents who want her to be perfect and obedient. No wonder she ran off. I hope she is ok and comes home, packs her bags and gets on with her life doing what SHE wants to do.

  • Jack

    I understand the parents concern, but the point that she’s an adult needs to be made. On the face of it, given her double life, she’s likely alive and had developed a disappearance strategy. If I was investigating this I’d want to know her access to cash. Does she have a car? Cars on the east coast invite tolls, are more frequently ticketed— try to get an updated MVR. Did she have a passport? Recheck all her CC receipts and look for unusual behavior and aberrant spending (did she make cash withdrawals? Charge tickets). Allowing her parents to be hit for $6+K on a needless tuition charge screams an attempt to cover her trail by adding time. Places she is known to have frequented (gym, etc.) have video… was it evaluated? Was she seen in the company of anyone? Did she take her laptop/smart phone? I assume a MPR has been filed. I would check if the cell phone can be tracked. Did she have her own bank account? Look at ATM activity. Talk to her friends, if possible. Look at her room. Anything too overt should be looked at suspiciously… this woman’s had time to develop an exit plan. I’d look at things not there (are her clothes gone? NY is awfully cold in Feb.). Without evidence of foul play, it’s tougher, but she’s not a CIA/NSA trained agent— she’s going to leave a discoverable trail.