Missing Michigan Baby: Father Facing Murder Charges

    October 4, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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A man from western Michigan has been charged with killing his daughter, after she went missing over two years ago. The young girl was last seen in northern Michigan in the Ludington area, which is about 80 miles northwest of Grand Rapids. Her name was Katherine Phillips and she was only four and a half months old at the time that she was last seen. In a very sad story, hopefully the conviction will give the rest of the girl’s friends and family some closure on the case. Katherine went missing in June of 2011.

Sean Phillips, the girl’s father has been charged with the crime and according to Attorney General Bill Schuette, the filing of the open murder charge “moves us one step closer to securing justice for baby Kate. Sean is only 23 years old and was convicted previously in 2012 of unlawful imprisonment in the disappearance of his daughter, according to ABC News. Now that new evidence has been unearthed, they are able to up the charge to murder, and finally solve the case once and for all.

Ariel Courtland, Katherine’s mother, claimed that she last saw her daughter in a car seat in the back seat of Phillips’ car. The attorney general involved with the case announced that there has been new evidence discovered supporting a murder charge, but did not give details as to what that evidence is. Paul Spaniola, the Mason County prosecutor said “This continuing investigation has included review of biological evidence, site visits, and the enlistment of experts from all over the world who are preeminent in their fields.”

With the charge being an open murder, it means that the jury is able to consider both first and second degree murder in the case. CBS Detroit mentions that Phillips abducted the baby he feared that a court-ordered paternity test would confirm that he was the father. The mother has said that Phillips wanted to put Katherine up for adoption but she had refused. He is currently trying to appeal the charge that will have him serving a sentence of 10 to 15 years in prison.

It is incredibly sad that he would have to go to such drastic measures in this type of a case, but hopefully this conviction will give Katherine’s family some closure and her body will turn up as well.

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  • Emelia

    If this is your personal blog, this type of writing is perfectly okay. Also, opinions are perfectly fine in music and film reviews. But, as the first link that popped up in the Yahoo search for news about this story, it’s unacceptable. As a journalism student at the University of Missouri, it’s been ingrained in my head that using opinions and opinion words such as “very sad” are unacceptable and biased in reporting. Make sure to do some grammar/editing (missing commas, etc.) cleanup as well.

  • Amanda

    Really, Emelia??? After reading this horrible story, the best response you can come up w/ is critiquing the author’s writing? Are you serious? And, authors give their biased opinions on news stories ALL THE TIME. You must not watch cable news or read news articles on the internet much.

  • Jenny

    Are you kidding- kills his daughter and gets only 10 to 15 years? What?

  • Lauren Kaminski

    I remember this,it is awful & very sad! Now I am crying! ;(

  • http://Yahoo connie england

    What a precious baby. I will never ever understand how anyone could murder a child. I hope this human rots in Hell.