Missing Girl Dragged By Hair: Search Called Off

    November 14, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Police have temporarily called off the search for a young girl after a lack of evidence forced their investigation to a standstill.

Officials in Los Angeles say witnesses saw a man, around 18 to 20 years old, take a girl who appeared to be 13 years of age from a rec center after an argument, which escalated until he struck her and then began to drag her up a hill by her hair. Investigators say they’ve received no reports of a missing person and the only things found during the search were a pair of leggings and some shoes.

“My hope is that this was a dispute that was resolved in some way, but we have to treat everything like it’s the real deal,” Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said at a news conference.

The massive search area was covered by officers on foot and on horseback, and included search dogs and even helicopters. Nothing was found to suggest foul play, but the clothing is worrisome to the witnesses, who say they saw the man begin to remove it from the girl as he dragged her into nearby brush.

Police have released sketches of the suspect and victim and have checked hospitals and schools for someone who matches the description, but have so far come up empty-handed.

  • http://webpronews katie martin

    Are you serious….. This is so suspicious and they decide to call off the search… Why does noone care .. This is insane. Something bad is probably gonna happen to her and they have to chance to save her life and decided… nahhh..

    • Ron

      Nobody dared try to stop the guy? Silent audience?

    • rws

      You would only make such silly assumptions to excuse the inexcusable. Common sense tells me this 18-20yr old was NOT a father to this 13 yr old girl! Not that it should matter. Who cares what the relationship was? Would you want anybody to standby while you were being abused and dragged up a hill?

  • http://yahoo T

    Maybe the man was her father. Maybe she was some place she wasn’t supposed to be and had on some clothes that was inappriopiate for her age. But I hope the police don’t stop the investigation they still need to find out who that guy was.

  • http://yahoo T

    Of course no bystander will step in. God forbid you help a poor innocent 13 year child. W

  • Lolo

    From the fairly detailed description, there had to be someone watching the whole thing happen, but no one stepped in to stop it? And why ith would the search be called off?

  • Cynthia

    Really upsetting. What stops a person from interfering with an act like this in public. Stupidity

    • Joel

      What stops people? Cowardice combined with laws that do not allow people to carry weapons in public. Be clear that this is not a right given by the Second Amendment, but by the Unalienable Rights penned by Jefferson.

      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

      • Joel

        Think about this girl the next time you vote.

      • Lynn8

        I noticed a man on this post who tried to help an (albeit undeserving) woman, without a gun. Not THAT is a TRUE act of heroism. Not to mention the fact that gun sales have been through the roof for years now, so everybody who wants one probably has one, or two, or three.

        • Joel

          Concealed weapons permits are not issued in that area of California.

      • Pierre Avignon

        So you need a weapon to intervene when you see a man dragging a girl by the hair and removing her clothes?

        I guess it’s easier to seat back and make a political spin.

        • Joel

          Sure would make it a lot easier for a group of weaker people to do something. Should they have ran to the nearest phone and called the police so they could arrive at their leisure? That sounds effective…

    • Mtlhed

      I once attempted to help a women who was being beat up in the back of a Taxi cab, the cab driver had pulled over and asked for help!The couple opened the door of the cab and fell onto the street right in front of me, I reacted by grabbing the man and trying to pull him off the woman! She started cussing at me and said she would shoot my ass if I didn’t leave her old man alone! I let go of the guy and walked away!!! Some people aren’t worth the effort I guess!

  • Matthew Emerick

    “the only things found during the search were a pair of leggings and some shoes”

    Why would the man remove leggings and her shoes? The police need to keep on this until they find her. This sounds more like an abduction than a misunderstanding between a guardian and their child.

  • Charlie

    They said ‘temporarily’ They used helicopters, men on foot, and men on horseback to thoroughly search a huge area. What are they supposed to do, keep going over and over an area they’ve already searched? They’ve put out descriptions of both the man and the girl in the hopes that someone will be able to give them a name, a school, a workplace, anything for them to go on but until they get that lead there’s nothing else they can do.

  • Sara

    T–your comments are very inappropriate and are steeped in misogyny and general mistrust of women. Supposing it was her father (highly unlikely the age difference)—what decent father who is NOT a sex offender would decide that it is okay to pull a girl’s pants and clothes off and that it’s better for a young woman to be undressed rather than dressed inappropriately? Stop blaming the woman, stop having suspicion of women, stop assuming blame and stop thinking that a woman deserves abuse because of how she is dressed. Would this treatment of this child be okay if it were your sister, cousin, your daughter, or your own mother in her youth? Have some empathy and awareness. Stop blaming the victim.

  • http://Yahoo Lisa

    I don’t care if someone was reported missing or not!! It’s appalling that the police are just going to throw their hands up in the air, give up, & say they hope it’s just a domestic dispute!!! How is a girl approx. 13 yrs. old, being dragged away by an ADULT who is apparently ripping her clothes off or causing them to come off because she is being dragged by her hair a dometic dispute??!!? This is 1 of those rare cases when the police need to do a widespread canvass without trampling on people’s rights & find this girl. DON’T GIVE UP ON HER!!!

    • http://Yahoo Lisa

      *made a typo on the word *domestic & want to fix it before someone decides to give me a grammar lesson.

      • Jan

        I agree with you Lisa and I don’t think the Chief of police would respond the same way if the girl were his daughter! The comment of, I hope the dispute was resolved it unexceptable!!!! The witness did the right thing and called the police, but the police could do more! The have sniffer dogs and clothing evidence to start with. This child could be another victim of human trafficking. I

    • Mark

      You know what is appalling, the pansies that witnessed this and did nothing about it. Step up America and quit being cowards.

      • Frank

        Really , you saw it happening and did nothing . the witness didnt go over they should be guilty , (Seinfeld) “Good Samaritan Law” Unbelievable

    • joe hilbern

      How can the police do a widespread canvass without trampling on someone’s rights? The police did not say they were giving up. They said they were ‘Temporarily calling off the search after a LACK of evidence forced their investigation to a stand still.’

  • laura

    && the witness’ just stood there & watched?????? Whats wrong with ppl

  • David W

    After reading the story, the first thing that came to mind is that the girl is caught in human trafficking and the man pulling by her hair is a pimp/master. I would think he has a way of not being found, and the police are just giving up…

    • TrueDat

      I had the same thought, David. Either that or she is an immigrant.

  • Adrian

    Really, See a Little girl dragged by the hair and being assaulted, an dyou just standby and watch? I live in the area where Jessica Ridgeway went missing and I can guarantee the way people are feeling in colorado that man would have been beat to a bloody pulp.

  • http://yahoo Dave

    I know who your looking for it was Ally Oop or one of the cavemen from the Gieco commercial.

  • g

    The search should not be called off at all, that is the problem with this country, they call of or don’t put on searching on time, which always results in a tragic ending. What if this was someone who wad kidnapp from a while back and the kidnapper finally gave in to take the victum somewere and she was seeking help…just what if!Could be a million things going on. I suggest to all people when you see something happeing, please step in or call 911, you never know what it could be, no second guessing!

    So many missing children that are never found still out there…
    May God be with them every moment!

  • krislankay

    Called off because they have no evidence,but they found shoes and leggings? Sounds like freakin evidence to me!! Poor girl is probably a runaway too far from home for the so called detectives to have a report on her. Sad story…

  • http://www.allbayareasports.com Richard Ewing

    To call off the investigation because you don’t have enough evidence is unacceptable as Policemen. I believe on the doors of your police cars it says “To protect and to serve”. That young lady could be minutes away from being saved or killed. You called off the investigation because you don’t have enough evidence! It’s your job to find more evidence!! You people are getting paid $70.000 to $100.000 a year. I make less than $40.000 a year and I can do a better job than that. You call yourselves protecting the public! Prove it! Find that girl!

    • g

      The police, most of them are as corupt as the people they arrest. Stealing money, drugs and abousing people as well! And no, I’m not saying all of the police are doing this, but from what I know and hear, it’s a lot of them on the force.

  • R Simms

    It’s Bush’s fault..

    • Kathy Herron

      I have to admit, that you are more than correct … it is so ridiculous that this was one man/male … and since there were more than one or two witnesses, why didn’t they jump this animal and put a stop to it? … I’m quite sure that the person taking the child was/is nothing but an overgrown bully … and that one or two people could have overpowered him quickly enough to save this young child’s life. The only reason I can think of why no one helped had to be because there were no mothers, grandmothers, aunts or sisters that witnessed this atrocity … I just find it so hard to believe that the police did nothing … until after the fact … it just doesn’t make any sense … I can only hope and pray that this young girl is found safe and unharmed …

  • http://yahoo.com GWHIZ


    • Toni

      This is not the fault of the police. Fault lies with the man who did it, and the people that watched and did nothing.

  • http://Yahoo Alfredo J. Huerta

    search called off because there is a donut sale at 7-11. go to a 7-11 and you may see one getting their coffee and donut.

  • kathy

    There was a near abduction in Riverside Mo this week. If not for a woman passing by watching that girl might never have been seen again.
    When she realized the man was upto no good the mother put her car in reverse and saved that girl from harm. The man has not been found but that girl is save. People step up help. Save our children the next one maybe your child or grandchild.

  • http://MissingGirlDragged Darlene

    Don’t just sit there post this picture on everything you can find, print and post in stores. The police can’t do everything. We can all make a differance, someone knows this girl, someone knows this man, if we don’t try to help we are just like those who stood and watched! POST, POST, POST. If you think this girl needs to be found then do something to help. This will go on my facebook, what will you do?

  • Lisa

    You don’t want anything bad to happen to you in LA. I can’t remember how many times over the last 20 years I’ve read or watched a program about the LAPD, as well as prosecutors, botching a case and/or mishandling evidence. LA is an offenders playground.

  • g

    Things need to change in this country, they need to start working more on aber alerts, this should be running across the tv’s every 15 minutes and the air waves…stop these animals in there tracks! They put so much crap on the air waves and tv, why not make it work for helping instead of destroying!

    Now, they say it’s a kidnapping, now that the victim is either out of the country or in a place God forbid, not good. You people who watched this unfold should be ashamed. I would never, I don’t care how I would get hurt, I would of jumped in feet first, with no weapon, if there were people standing, why didn’t a couple of them chase the guy, I’m sure he would of let go of this innocent kid and ran off, now we have to wonder and wait to see what happens.

  • http://Yahoo Alfredo J. Huerta

    Just saw the news video. What is amazing is that there were witnesses but no one had the guts to stop it. I would be ashamed and embarassed to say that I was a witness but I did not do anything about it. Cowards! Pray that this never happens to someone you love because you did nothing for this girl.

    • http://yahoo.com Maggie

      Exactly, that is what I was thinking… who would allow that to happen without getting involved, stop it, or at least give it your best shot, and dialing 911 if they had a phone, and yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs.

      • Toni

        I’m APPALLED that ‘witnesses’ saw this happen! Witnesses stood and watched this creep remove the girls clothes while he dragged her?! Were people chasing after him? Was anyone calling police while they stood there and watched?!
        Shame on them, shame on them, shame on them! I hope they don’t sleep for many nights.

    • cindy

      i have to agree with Alfredo. People what were they thinking. You stand around and let a person get dragged off by her hair and her clothing was being torn away.

  • g

    I guess, I am so distrub by this, have to make one more comment! Why is this just news trending on yahoo! this should make headlines, I’m so sick of the nonsense that makes big news, like the hollywood nuts…put it large bright and bold headline news that she is missing!

    • http://yahoo.com Maggie

      That might help in figuring out who she is right! Or does anyone in a position to do something about it care.

  • Adrian

    Did they review the tapes from the rec center security cameras, @ that age Maybe(JUST MAYBE) they were hanging out there before the incident occured? also they have her leggings maybe they can match the see if there is a little girl wearing the same leggings in the video.

    • Toni

      It is sickening that people watched this happen. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Melissa
  • http://webpronews Stephanie

    I can’t believe that people standing around didn’t help. That’s the problem with people. No one wants “to get involved” in a situation, but the are sure quick to speak with the news cameras!!! I agree that air waves should be used for as much good as they are used for junk. No one cares about the outfit you just bought your dog that cost 5k, but wait, maybe people do, it gets ratings. See my point. If you ask me, everybody’s priorities are screwed up! I hope to god that little girl is ok. What else makes me sick is that there doesn’t seem to be plans for prevention, only after the fact are things able to be dealt with. There should be laws for people who even look like, or think about doing something. If your thinking about it, you’ll do it one day, either way, after the fact doesn’t help anyone!!!!

    • sheri

      Now, I have heard it all! Just because she wasn’t reported missing, the cops are gonna’ stand around with their thumbs in their ass? WTF? She was observed by witnesses being dragged into the brush and her leggings and shoes were found but because nobody filed a missing persons report, they’re not going to do anything? OMFG! What more do they want to get off their fat asses and do the job taxpayers pay them to do? I thought their job was to protect and serve?!!! I get it, their jobs are to do what we all learned in kindergarten…to draw chalk outlines around victims instead of doing the job we thought they were supposed to do…protect and serve? OMFG! I am so angry right now. Protect and serve? Protect and serve? They only protect their own interests and traffic ticket quotas so they have a job tomorrow. This story has my blood boiling!

    • sheri

      Believe me Stephanie, I would have probably gotten myself killed in the process but when I see things like that go on, I am the first one to jump in and put up my dukes, and those assholes who stood by and watched, ought to be accessories to murder when they find her poor dead 13 year old body. I couldn’t live with myself if I witnessed that atrocity and did nothing about it. Shame on all of them and you know who you are. If that child is found murdered, her blood is on all of you chicken shit mf’er’s hands. Oh man, I hate this so much, I am sick to my stomach.

    • http://yahoo lizzy

      I cant belive they didnt help her also. My god, she was yelling help an they did nothing!! so sad :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/haveyouseenme579 Stacy

    I hope they find her! I will post her info on my facebook page “Have You Seen Me?” and if you know of someone that is missing you can post their information there as well. http://www.facebook.com/haveyouseenme579

  • Linda

    The incident was “worrying” to police? Really? What an understatement.

    • Dena

      Okay I understand fear and particularly if you’re also a young girl of the same age as the one being attacked which we don’t know…but I get that. What I don’t get is that virtually everyone has a cell phone. Snap a picture for heavens sake! Even a lousy picture is better than a police composite wouldn’t you think? And, why is it that nobody, absolutely nobody could hit 911 while the girl was in the process of being dragged away? Really, this was preventable! I hope for that childs’ sake that this was “an incident that was resolved”

  • http://yahoo lizzy

    omg fucking help her! She was yelling for help people!!!

    • SV

      sorry, your comment is too funny – i totally get your irritation!

  • jacqueline D. alvarado

    the girls should be more aware that you cannot trust anyone anymore. sometimes they make friends and play at hitting each other and they endded up in a real fight. respect and keep your distand with people you don’t really know

  • Mr.Robinsonneighbor

    It pisses me off that nobody got involved. Even if it were cops dragging her off, I would have jumped in.

  • ddarkangel

    so people just stand by watch it happen and its ALL the cops fault? You all are watching too much damn TV. Not everything is as easy to come by as crime shows on tv…I hope the people that saw this happen can live with themselves knowing they could have made a difference.

    • paula

      thank you well said

  • gvr

    I really hope the search hasn’t been put aside because of a racial thing. I read recently that missing children who are not “white” get less press and police action than those who are “white”. It’s a sad situation that the “witnesses” did NOTHING! Perhaps it is a family thing and the girl is being abused. That would explain the issue of not having a missing person report. Have they thought of that?!? WHAT ARE THE COPS DOING? I know that I would have created such a fuss over seeing what was going on that the perpetrator would have fled and left the girl behind. I have kids and grandkids and would do whatever it took to keep any child safe.

    • kjs

      That is idiotic and the problem with this country. Let me guess, you voted for Obama???

      • T

        My thoughts exactly kjs. Why does everything have to be turned into racism? People should spend more time worrying about the real issues at hand, help the ones in need, etc. Stop turning everything into racial profiling. Seriously, get a life!

      • ML

        Now what does president Obama has to do with this? And yes I voted for the best man for the job.

        • SV

          Yes – this had nothing to do with race. But of course now it will get some focus shed on it, instead of focusing on the point of the situation – an assault on a child/young woman. But that’s typical these days, just like it typical that there seem to be several witnesses yet nobody could help her. I hope it’s true, what several others commented, that maybe they couldn’t get to her etc, or maybe the press wasn’t exactly accurate. As the saying goes… Believe none of what you hear, half of what you read, and all of what you see.

          • SV

            And I voted for the best man for the job as well. Unfortunately Obama won. :)

            Just kidding, don’t get all upset at my teasing people. I voted for Obama in 2008 but disappointed in his 4 yr term so had to go with Romney this time. But Obama won again and we will see how things go for his 2nd term. Nothing wrong with hoping for the best, you have to work with things as they are unless you have the ability to change them yourself. Bashing your politician of choice doesn’t change who won or who lost so it’s a moot point.

      • eball36

        What the h**l Obama has nothing to do with this sick ba****d who needs seriously need mental help!!!!

      • gvr

        The article that I read was about child abduction and how it is sometimes handled differently because of race. It was written because some victims families felt this way and were interviewed..IT IS NOT THE WAY I PERSONALLY FEEL!. I was just thinking outloud. It is a horrible thing when anyone is abducted/ assaulted/ abused/ etc. I am a survivor (was a victim) and no one helped me. My abuse was within my home. That is why I am outraged that no one helped this girl when it was out in public. BTW – What does the Obama have to do with it?

  • paula

    the world is made up of a bunch of sick disguting degenerates lurking in the cesspool of sinful environments trying to outdo each other in killing people im not surprised at anything anymore the levels of killing, how people were killed what they were killed over one killing outdoes the other it’s like filth’s killings surpasses the next one and so on….oh let me see how i can make the news today with a heinous act I’ll just drag a 13 yr old girl up a hill by her hair and assault her as i go. for the sick fux that watched it may the same thing happen to their precious ones….now have a good day folks whats good for the goose should definately be good for the gander. what kind of sick piece of trashy person stands by while a child is getting assaulted what you do is collect a mob and go after the sucker ur freaks

  • Anon

    I don’t know why the wittnesses did nothing to help the girl. I hope the police find out what happened.


    mmmmm, so he hit her and removed some of her clothing and that’s what the police found, a pair of leggings and tennis shoes??? Well, I hope they didn’t call off the search, somethings wrong here folks, I wouldn’t be standing around “watching” all this take place, I’d be scared out of my mind, but I would have said yelled something, then that might have prompted someone bigger, preferably a male to step up and maybe get in the middle of it to protect the 13 year old! Lord, I pray for her safety!

  • Marisol

    Y the HELL didn’t anyone help her?

  • DScott

    This absolutely BREAKS my heart!!! I am a female in my 60’s and I would have NEVER have stood there without calling the police on my cell, yelling like a fool, running toward that man screaming HELP all the way, picking up something along the way to hit that creep with….I might have been an example to others who might have joined in with me, I might have been hurt, I might have even been killed…. but I will tell you what… I could not face my Maker, when my time comes, and know as He looks at me that I did NOTHING to try to help that child. WE ALL can do something, SOMETHING, to help each other. It is our duty to protect each other and the innocent and older…. Be Brave, Be Kind, Help Others… We are Americans… It is in the very fabric of our souls to have the ability to be an example to the rest of the world and to each other. I know times are trying, I know how hard it has become just to live at times, but as soon as we loose our humanity we have lost EVERYTHING! Pray for this little one….

    • Fatima Baeta

      You are absolutely right. How can people just stand there, and watch. My goodness, what is this world coming to?

      • ALI


    • gvr

      DScott – I’m right there with you. I watched the video and they found more than just shoes and leggings. She was basically stipped down to underwear or nothing. I can’t understand why people are so afraid to get involved.

    • http://yahoo cassandra


      • eball36

        I think they were to slow becuz their meth pipe was full. Plus their sick and mented.

  • http://webpronews talisa armstrong

    I think people like that deserve the same things that they did to others done to yourself but sometimes i feeil like they only deserve to see their face everyday and know that what they did was so f****d up but you never really know what that little girl feels until you have had it happen to you so i send out love to her and her family

  • nik

    i love that people saw her being dragged and watched him rip off her clothes and yet no one did a fucking thing to help her! really!!! wtf is wrong w/ people how can someone live w/ themselves knowing thy did nothing to help!!!

  • jlaiz77

    This is the horrible society we have become. NO ONE to defend this child? REALLY??? why nobody did something…just one man…
    This is so wrong…what is happening ? are we so indiferent to others pain that we just don’t care?

  • Diana

    Why didnt these witness’ call the cops when they saw this girl being dragged up a hill and removing her clothes??

    • Diana

      The cops are hoping that this dispute got resolved??? Im sorry but it doesnt sounds like what the unhelpful witness told the police, that girl is in serious trouble! How long did they wait til the cops got called? They have to treat it like its a real deal?? This is really what the chief was quoted saying??? The girl is missing! particals of her clothing found, witness saw them being ripped off? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

      • Diana

        The cheif of police should resign after making those aweful comments… NO FOUL PLAY??? Really?? So what does foul play mean to the cheif?? Finding clothing, and witness’ saying he was rippin her clothes off?? Thats not foul play?? She is a 13 yr old girl… this is disgusting.

    • Ura Dumbass

      What makes you think they didn’t call? Stupid.

      • Diana

        They obviously called but a little to late!!! No one helped that girl they sat around and watched!

    • Mike

      I understand why you would be questioning the witnesses but none of you were there. It could have been dangerous for them to approach or maybe even impossible based on the landscape. I saw something like this my self. I saw a guy pull a girl(about 19 or 20) by the hair from the front passenger seat to the back seat where he was sitting as both our cars were next to each other at the same light. I immediately got out of my car and appraoched theirs and the guy told me everything was alright and the girl nodded in agreement. I still called 911 but I have no clue what became of it.

      • M.

        Several years ago, as I was driving thru a neighborhood, I witnessed a man with a young lady beside a house and she appeared to be violently struggling with him. I called 911 and circled the block, by the time I drove back around, the cops had arrived and was questioning the guy. Obviously they were VERY close by to arrive so quickly. I’m not sure how things turned out after that.

  • http://Yahoo BoomerSooner

    Those that wintnessed the girl being abducted and did nothing should be charged with accessory!

    • Diana


    • sandy


  • VinnyK

    People seen this and did nothing! If someone is hurting someone especialy a child jump in and stop it if your to weak get a big stick, rocks, your belt anything.My prayers are with the victom.

  • Janice

    I had to read it a couple of times and still can’t comprehend no action by the witnesses but to make a call! This poor girl was probably not even in school anywhere and was probably abused all her life! What a tragedy! God bless her! Heart breaking story!

  • Nelli

    I would think there would be ongoing searches for this girl. If the witnesses were reliable, and it seems they were, how could they just drop the search?

  • Judy

    If people was incapable of physically helping almost everyone has a cell phone with a camera why couldn’t they take a video to help identify them? It’s hard to identify usually from a sketch. The sketch to me looks like they could be related.

  • R Simms

    Gotta comment to those people who say things like “this kind of thing has to stop” and “we have to do something to stop things like this from happening”. Really? And how do you do that? The fact is, you dont. Things like this will always happen. There will always be war, crime, hatred, etc – just as there will always be love and compassion. Dont for once think you should try to control human behaviour. The last group who thought that way were the Nazis…not to mention power mongers and control freaks like NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Senator Schumer, and the leaders of our current administration.

    • digtater

      R Simms, you are a blooming idiot. You’re the type who would stand by and watch someone’s misfortune for your entertainment. When it happens to you, I hope your best friends laugh and treat you like dirt.

      • http://webpronenews armani

        that is so sad and

      • R Simms

        Hey Dic Tator, learn to read before you mouth off. Then read my comment again. Its a larger statement about the human condition, and a true observation which you obviousy are unable to understand.

    • Kerri

      R simmons, you are a dumb ass!! You could not think of anything else to say about this except “just let it happen”.. IDIOT!!

      • R Simms

        Kerri, I never said ‘let it happen’. I said things like this will continue to happen, and that politicians should not attempt to legislate behaviour, because they cant and they also shouldnt. Sorry if that truth annoys your sensitivity. And btw, the other behaviour that too often happens is that people do nothing to help one another. Your solution is probably to punish those people, right?

  • Corinna

    I agree! Seems like the only way cops understand others if it pertains to killing this child. Then what? Will they let him go as they did the man in Stella Mo. Let him go for saying he did a bad thing by killing his step daughter. This makes me so freakin mad. Why dont they act upon it and not give it the second notice of what the 7734 is going on. Im sorry! I would have took my purse (wich is heavey with junk) and hit the sorry no good jackass. Sorry for them words, but to me even that is too good for him. Grrr!

  • Megan

    What frustrates me about this story is the lack of location reported. You can’t just say this happened in “Los Angeles”. That means virtually nothing. How about pinning it down to a specific city within LA (i.e. Granada Hills, La Crescenta, Compton) or a neighborhood. Then those of us in that area can keep an eye out.

  • karmel

    Really people??!!! No one had a phone and took a picture or video…what were you thinking? You should go out and looke for this girl yourselves since you are the ones that know what she looks like. Shame on you for not rescuing her.

    • eevee


  • janet

    Are you kidding me? 18 y/o dragging a 13/yo into a bush tearing off her clothes? Search called off? I bet if it happened to a 13 y/o in some small town USA the FBI would be called. C’mon L.A.!!!

  • Kim

    Well the LAPD sure doesn’t sound all that concerned! WTF! They’re lucky its not one of their kids!

  • Yesenia

    My question is this… in Boyle Heights, East L.A. – NO ONE BOTHERED TO CONFRONT THE YOUNG MAN AS HE WAS DRAGGING THE GIRL AND AS THEY SAW HIM UNDRESS HER??? I say BS… That happened in the hood someone will get the nerve to do something… also, is it only me, but I see a resemblance in the sketches.

    • Rachel

      thats a good point yesenia there is a resemblance

  • Crystal

    My hope is that this was a dispute that was resolved in some way, but we have to treat everything like it’s the real deal,” Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said at a news conference.

    (WTF!) Is this how their dealing with things now of days!!!

  • Ashley

    Is it just me or does the sketch of the girl look alot older than 13? Looks like a grown woman to me.

  • sgomez

    Sadly a lot of people decide not to help someone or get involved because it is something that they are either desensitized to or they fear getting involved will risk their safety too.
    We can all sit in the safety behind our computers and judge these people for not doing something in the face of a dangerous situation but not being there we can really only speculateas to why they didn’t.
    Also we should remember that the police hold back informtion to weed out suspects and we don’t know everything.

    (before I get chewed up for my response I would like to point out that I myself am a victim of a violent crime where others knew what happened and did not help me so I have experienced this type of thing first hand)

    • gvr

      sgomez – I can really agree with what you posted. I guess we all just want someone to step up and really help when a bad thing is going on. I understand, being a victim myself, but I am a survivor now. I refuse to let the bad stuff control me. People are afraid that harm will come to them and that is why they don’t intercede. As a survivor, I will intercede for the sake of another. I’m not afraid.

  • Rulove

    This time last year a girl was taken in East LA at a drugstore. In fact there have been a few young girls taken, but because they are latina girls. Nobody cares.

  • vigilante

    That’s what you get out of l.a. no good cops just like whoever lives there oh yea crack

  • http://msn ruserious

    what have we become how the hell you watch this and not call police asap get together every man in the center and stop a crime you are guilty as witnesses of the act for not acting
    For Real People

  • Daneva

    why would someone just watch this? They dont even help the girl. They should be jailed.

  • litllady

    Dear God! I hope and Pray this child is found safe from harm!!!!

  • Ominous

    Can’t necessarily blame the cops in this circumstance. If there isn’t a persons missing report then they have no leads. The girl could have been older than thirteen but in this day and age maybe she is and is dating the guy; therefore out of “love” did not tell anyone of the incident.

    • http://yahoo Jeffry Rayman

      Does it really matter of age ??? Get your fact’s correct, before mmaking stupid comments !!

  • annie

    I feel the group of witnesses that were standing there watching this vicious attack go on should have got together and tried to help this poor female by attacing him as a group and call the police. I so hope and pray that this poor girl is alive.

    • Linda

      Annie – I couldn’t agree more. The reports didn’t say if anyone tried to help. I don’t know if anyone tried – but don’t just stand there – do something. Anything yell run towards them… I pray she is alive too.

  • LInda

    The title says Missing girl , but no report of a missing girl has been made. Hopefully she is ok though.

    • http://yahoo Jeffry Rayman

      Sorry, but you are wrong !! Just like the PD !! Who should contact the FBI !

  • Twyla

    usually the apathetec witnesses at least pull out their camera phone and tape it

  • Anonymous.

    What if it is one of those couples who get into serious role playing, that just had sex, and were oblivious to their surroundings. If so, even the people accused don’t know what’s happening and they think something has happened to someone else when it was really just them, role-playing.

  • Lillard

    Blow It Off
    Fucking Mexicans and their Machismo Bullshit Drama. 13 years old and Beef with her baby’s Daddy. Maybe another Bean in the oven. Get The FUCK Off ADC,Get The FUCK Out and back to TJ, ASSHOLES.

  • Brenda

    I hope all is safe and this is not true and if it is true I hope its resolved tomorrow. Everytime I post on something on a missing person they found them so heres my post hoping they find her safe and sound.

    • http://yahoo Jeffry Rayman

      Keep going .. never / ever give up !

  • gvr

    OMG! Just heard the news piece about this situation. the police are encouraging the “abducted victim to come forward”. The dogs got her scent from her clothes and followed it to an intersection then lost it. How the h… can a victim come forward if she is abducted? Have the cops lost their minds?

    • http://yahoo Jeffry Rayman

      How correct you are !!

  • http://yahoo Jeffry Rayman

    Why in god’s name would the PD call off the search ??? What is needed is the FBI – BAU .. if they say no … okay … but they won’t!!!

  • Artum

    So NO ONE went to help this little girl? All these god dam witnesses just sat by and watched this entire thing happen and NO ONE did a dam thing? Fuuck people.

    • chris

      my thoughts exactly.
      that is the problem with this world…
      call the who?
      see that act…

  • Tina May

    So no one reported a missing person and the PD is searching for a “missing” person. Why not look for children who are actually missing

  • http://yahoo sugamorgan

    What if they made up this story.Like the black girl who set her self on fire said the kkk did it.??????????