Missing Doctor Accused of Stalking Gospel Singer


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Missing Michigan doctor Teleka Patrick had been accused of stalking popular, Grammy-nominated gospel singer Marvin Sapp, adding to the mystery of the 30-year-old's December 5th disappearance.

In what resembles a scenario from the defunct CBS drama 'Without a Trace,' Patrick was least seen in the parking lot of Kalamazoo’s Borgess Medical Center, only to apparently drive to Indiana, before vanishing. Later in the night on Dec. 5, police found Patrick's gold 1997 Lexus ES300 in a ditch on westbound I-94 in Indiana, near the Porter/Burns Harbor.

After failing to report to work the next day, Patrick's family quickly grew suspicious, and launched a Facebook page in hopes of finding any information in her whereabouts.

Now singer Sapp has come forward to reveal that he'd in the past filed a restraining order against Patrick, and that she had claimed him as her husband, had moved from California to Michigan, joined his church, had contacted his children and had been to his home. Sapp said in his complaint, "I have at least 400 pages of correspondence from her which I have never responded."

Patrick's family made a statement on Facebook regarding the restraining order revelation - "We are aware of media reports that are beginning to focus on Teleka's mental health, and while we encourage the pursuit of honest journalism and truth, we will not take part in sensationalizing Teleka's disappearance. We believe that she has met with foul play and wholeheartedly believe that she is in danger."

Video of Patrick seemingly addressing a mystery man have appeared online, which might lead to speculation that Sapp may have been the object of the doctor's cooing.


Regardless of the videos and restraining order revelation, Patrick's mother has stated that she wasn't aware of Taleka being involved in any romantic relationship.

In Indiana, police brought in a K-9 unit in attempts to track Patrick's scent. The trail went cold roughly 30 feet from where she'd left her car in the ditch. Authorities have said that though there is no evidence of foul play.

Image via YouTube.