Miral Nagasu Suffers Olympic Snub


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A spectacular performance by figure skater Miral Nagasu on Saturday was not enough to win her another coveted spot on the U.S. Olympic figure skating team.

The talented skater Ashley Wagner placed lower than Nagasu during the 2014 World Championship, but received the spot Nagasu had hoped for leaving Nagasu to be satisfied with just skating one of her best performances in years.

What made Miral Nagasu, the skater with natural talent and Olympic experience to boot, not good enough for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics?

Nagasu's recent inconsistency is likely the reason. USA Today tells us that the U.S. Figure Skating federation stated in regards to Nagasu that they do not just go by the last performance before consideration, but that it goes by a skater's participation results for over the past years.

Nagasu has seen her share of troubles since the devastating 2010 world championship loss-- she lead the championships only to come in seventh at the end, and she has been struggling ever since.

The exceptional Saturday performance hopefully is a promise of things to come, but for Olympic consideration, it just wasn't good enough. Despite supporters declaring foul play:

Nagasu gracefully accepted the decision, and while the U.S. Women's team respects Nagasu's talent, they feel confident about the third and final pick for their team.

Image via Youtube