Minnesota Town Asks Out Of Google Street View

    June 2, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Private property means more to North Oaks, MN, than just something to put on a sign, as the suburb wants Google to keep its camera cars out of town.

People want privacy, if only to be able to shut out the demands of the real world for a little while, when it comes to their property. This year, in addition to the parades of candy sellers, lawn mowers, tree trimmers, and political activists wandering through neighborhoods, many places witnessed Google’s all-seeing camera cars looking for content for the company’s Street View.

Google adds Street View to maps to give people a better idea of the places they want to explore. It’s of particular use to travelers heading for a new city. To the folks in North Oaks, Street View represents a base invasion of privacy, something they want Google to respect.

The Minnesota Star Tribune said the city has a couple of points in its favor regarding its request to Google to stay out of town. North Oaks owns its roads, and enforces a local anti-trespassing ordinance.

Google took down the offending images it had of North Oaks after receiving the demand, the report noted in citing a company spokesperson. Despite its desire for privacy, North Oaks may have created much more curious interest in itself this way.

“In North Oaks