Minecraft-Themed Wedding Includes 8-Bit Decorations

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People have theme weddings all the time, and it seems like nerds are always the first to make them extreme and extremely awesome. From Star Wars to Transformers to everything in between, nerd weddings are always a feast for the eyes and usually make you say, "Damn, I wish I'd thought of that!" They incorporate all the things the couple loves while not taking the day too seriously.

One couple had so much trouble deciding on one theme that they just picked them all, turning their big day into a festival of Harry Potter, "Back To The Future", Christmas, rockabilly, and "Star Wars".


Matt Dunn and Asia Ramirez managed to narrow their theme down, however; since they bonded over a game of Minecraft, they decided to incorporate it into their wedding day. Not only were there huge cardboard statues painted to look like bits of the Minecraft game, everything from the cake to the groom's tie fit into the theme.

"What made the game so special to us," Matt said, "was the ability to join the same game and explore our own virtual Minecraft world together. Someday we would love to travel the world and have real-life adventures of our own. But for the time being, Minecraft was/is our portal to feeding our creative and adventurous sides without spending tons of money we don't have."

Matt and Asia got help from friends and family to build the decorations for the reception, which included an 8-bit graphic pig, ducks, and a life-sized character. They say it was a way for them to involve family members who weren't familiar with the game and make them feel like they were a part of the big day.

"In the end," Matt said, "Even people who had never heard of Minecraft were able to enjoy the experience without feeling alienated, and I think everything turned out to be pretty damn classy. Maybe I'm a bit biased?"

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