Million Dollar Swimsuit Modeled by Miss Universe

    November 11, 2013
    Lacy Langley
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Gabriela Isler, the freshly-crowned Miss Universe 2013 began her duties today in Moscow by posing in the famous million dollar swimsuit, according to AFP. The beautiful 25-year-old posed and twirled around in the suit for photographers that were there to get a shot of the jewel-studded costume.

“I feel very happy to share my first day as Miss Universe,” Isler said. “I’m a simple girl. I am just come to have fun, to enjoy the moment — and here I am.”

She may be happy to share her first day, but she’s also probably a little tired. She admitted to reporters, at a celebratory ceremony on the day after being crowned, that that she had stayed up all night talking to friends and family on the phone after her big win.

The photo shoot was in a Moscow hotel. Isler wore the white cut-away swimming costume featuring an emerald pendant and swirls of diamonds and rubies with a fur boa wrapped around the hips.

“It’s very simple but very elegant, so it’s like me,” she said. “I’m still asking, ‘Where are those guards?’, because I’ll run with it.”

“We do have armed guards, so don’t get any ideas,” the president of the Miss Universe organisation, Paula Shugart said of the $1 million dollar suit that is encrusted with over 900 stones.

Isler said she felt honored to be the contest’s seventh winner from her country of Venezuela. She beat out 85 other contestants with her dazzling looks in the swimsuit and evening gown competitions. However, her answer to the question about her biggest fear may have been the clencher. She said, “We should overcome all our fears and this in turn will make us much stronger.”

Gabriela Isler is not only enjoying her fame from being crowned Miss Universe, which in itself is pretty huge. She is also the new face of an Italian lingerie company, Yamamay.

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  • L. Beane

    A million dollars is a lot of money for a bathing suit. Honestly, my girlfriend looks good in a $10 g-string. Sometimes I think women over think this whole attraction issue. Most guys just want a girl who is in decent shape, who doesn’t really complain, who likes to have fun sex, and who is kind. If you do the four things I listed, you will not have a problem getting a guy. Forget the million dollar bathing suit and plastic surgery. Just be yourself.

  • BSName

    As good as that $1,000,000 bathing suit looks on her, it will never look as good as it does when it is on the bedroom floor.

  • http://CharlotteDeneice/Facebook Charlotte Deneice

    I’d love the One Million dollar swimsuit,and be nice to be Miss Universe,and be Miss Gabriela Isler. She is so pretty,and what a body. Best Wishes !!

  • http://www.robotcyber.com Herney Rojas

    It will be great if miss universe uses the great value of the precious swimsuit for a good purpose. It will feed many many people. Or donate it for social purposes. Everyday news show that there is no food in venezuelan supermarkets. Good luck miss universe. You look good in that swiming suit. I hope you can help your country and your people.