Miley Cyrus' Twerking Gets The NMA Treatment


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You can't walk two steps this week without hearing something about Miley Cyrus or twerking. Since her now infamous VMAs performance, everybody has been trying to explain the twerking phenomenon. Now everybody's favorite Taiwanese animators have thrown in their two cents.

Unlike some other outlets that tried to explain the reason behind Cyrus' performance, NMA goes right to the heart of the matter. They feel that twerking is forever ruined as everybody, including your parents, will now start shaking their booty at the most inappropriate moments.

Is twerking the next Macarena? For the sake of all our souls, I hope not. I don't think I could take Ellen, Al Roker or other daytime TV personalities twerking on national television. We should just all forget it happened before we start seeing it show up on children's television. The dancing in Yo Gabba Gabba is already weird enough.

[Image: NMAWorldEdition/YouTube]