Miley Cyrus Titles New Album 'Bangerz'


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In case you were wondering, Miley Cyrus is way too cool to just use common spellings. Her new albums is so promising that only the most progressive and edgy letters will do. Enter the Z at the end of "Bangerz".

She revealed the title, as well as its meaning (as if that were in question) on Twitter.

Cyrus has drawn some criticism recently for her single "We Can't Stop," which includes references to drug use that some may find offensive, as well as just being generally offensive with its mass-produced feel and disregard for vocal ability.

The title is indicative of how Cyrus has been rebranding herself over the past year. The process included a series of tattoos, a new hairstyle, and possibly dropping her country star father's last name in favor of the more streamlined "Miley".

A possible leaked track from the album has appeared online and allegedly includes a guest appearance by Britney Spears. If that is the case, lets all hope that Miley does not follow in the former teen-star's footsteps, or that she does if you prefer. Either way, we are likely to hear more about the album as the release date approaches, and more about Miley herself as she continues to change her image.