Miley Cyrus Smokes Weed, Wins Big at EMAs

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Miley Cyrus smoked what sources say was weed during the MTV European Music Awards in Amsterdam on Sunday, where she also won big for her hit song Wrecking Ball.

Not one to appear on stage without at least a bit of controversy, Miley lit up a joint and puffed on it as she accepted the Best Video award for Wrecking Ball.

While her performance wasn't as lewd as the VMAs, where she infamously twerked during Robin Thicke's song Blurred Lines, she did dress rather indiscreetly, wearing a white bodysuit that provided little to no coverage in the crotch. She also danced with one of her 'little person' dancers in a rather suggestive manner--grabbing the dancer's breast during the act.

Fortunately the real highlight of Miley's EMAs experience was the quality of the former Hannah Montana star's vocals. Her performance of Wrecking Ball was pitch perfect and powerful. Another big plus for the event was the absence of Cyrus's ever-present tongue. Instead she managed to keep in rather neatly tucked inside her mouth both before and during the show.

Miley Cyrus also impressed fans with an exceptional rendition of We Can't Stop earlier in the EMAs. And prior to the show, she skipped the reporters on the red carpet in favor of chatting with fans instead, much to their delight.

Given Miley's recent behavior, and with the exception of smoking weed on stage (she was in Amsterdam, after all), this certainly seemed to be one of her better major appearances in recent months. Might Miley Cyrus be out to change her image? Or did the EMAs just happen to fall on a date when she was feeling especially tame?

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