Miley Cyrus Releases “Wrecking Ball”

By: Jennifer Curra - September 9, 2013

Miley Cyrus, the twerking singer who just can’t seem to stay out of the limelight, released the second single for her Bangerz album due out on October 8, 2013. The original album will include thirteen songs; however, there is good news for fans. The singer will release a bonus edition of the album that includes three additional tracks. The previously released “We Can’t Stop” will also be included on the album set to be released next month.

Miley Cyrus has become known for her edgier and more controversial behavior lately; however, her talent has a singer has shown her involvement with a wide range of musical artists. In her upcoming album the singer collaborated with Pharrell, Future, and to bring a more soulful element to her work. The video depicts 20-year-old Miley riding a ball, being naked, and riding a ball naked. The demolition of cement walls by a steel ball persists throughout the backdrop of the video. Terry Richardson shot the video of the maturing singer in Los Angeles.

Fans of the singer are enthusiastic for the new album and have been vehemently following the singer through iTunes to promote her songs in anticipation of the upcoming album release.

Even though a press release explained the potential direction Miley would take with the album, fans still have some questions about her artistic portrayal. The press release said, “this album marks a creative evolution for Miley.” Yet, fans wonder about the reason behind her emotions and lack of clothes. Has Miley Cyrus become too mature and too edgy for the audience she hopes to capture?

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  • Osmond

    Daddy issues…

  • Illiena

    i guess everyone who has ever fallen madly in lust feels this way. this is why this is going to sell a lot of records, mp3’s and such. I think this video is very tasteful, talented, and very sexy. Even I got turned on, and I am a 50 yr. old straight(not sure after seeing this video) and married with a child her age. I would say Miley has universal sex appeal. Don’t forget – Marilyn Monroe had mommy and daddy issues as well. A very talented and timeless display of mommy and daddy issues. Oh, what do I know about today’s young people anyway….