Miley Cyrus’ Racy Music Video Leaked On YouTube

    December 26, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Question…is Miley Cyrus making music videos or low budget porn films? I have yet to notice any distinguishable differences. In her leaked “music video” Adore You, the newest single off of her album Bangerz, Miley is seen rolling around nearly naked on a bed and simulating masturbation. Wow, what a turn on.

On December 23, Miley tweeted: “Were so close to #AdoreYou 3 daysssss until the world premier on vevo. I can’t waiiiiitt annnny longerrrr!” Apparently she didn’t have to wait much longer because someone, who she refers to as f*** face, leaked her video a day sooner than it was scheduled to premiere. In a later tweet, Miley responds to the leak by saying: “We all know Smilers would break another record if it wasn’t for the fuck face who leaked my video. Alllllll good! Keep smiling :)”

Personally, I wish I had never watched the video. Watching Miley caress herself and roll around in sheets for four and a half minutes was a genuine waste of time. However, if you would like to witness it, check out the video below.

Image via Twitter

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    Who are we kidding. Every young female star is doing this. My God, twerking became a national sensation. Twerking is a freaking stripper move!!! America is so hypocritical. On one hand, everything is about sex and then on the other hand, sex is viewed as evil. We are such an unhealthy country.

    But please don’t be hypocritical about this WebProNews. Right now, I am looking at your site while typing this brief comment. I see an add for sexy cheerleaders, weight loss supplements designed to make me sexy, three articles about women using sex to get ahead and one ad about Kim Kardashian dressed as a sexy princess where her tits look absolutely huge.

    Oh yes, and you also knew that writing about Miley being racy would be a draw too.