Miley Cyrus Pregnant With Patrick Schwarzenegger's Child?


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Will anything ever stop Miley Cyrus' crazy antics and wild ways? A baby might, and the controversial star is allegedly pregnant.

A source told Life and Style that Miley had missed a period and was concerned that she could be expecting.

The source claimed that she took several pregnancy tests, but that the results were inconclusive.

"One came back negative -- and the other came back positive. Friends are convinced she's in the early stages of pregnancy," the source said.

Miley hasn't admitted to being pregnant yet, and she and Patrick have only been together for a short time, but the source said that Miley isn't upset about the pregnancy and is actually excited about it.

According to the source, Miley said that she and Patrick "would make the cutest kids." She also said that she has no regrets and "loves Patrick and loves the idea of having a Kennedy baby."

A source for Hollywood Life said that Patrick is very much in love with Miley and that he calls her his "dream girl." His mother however, wasn't as quick to take to the singer, and it took some persuading for her to finally warm up to Miley.

“Patrick has done a marvelous job in turning Maria from being violently opposed to now saying she’s a sweet girl and she was really mistaken from not knowing her and only knowing about her from her press,” said a source for Radar Online.

Do you think Miley could really be pregnant and if she is will it cause her to change her crazy ways?