Miley Cyrus Gave An Awesome New Years Performance

    January 1, 2014
    Sarah Parrott
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Miley Cyrus has made some pretty interesting headlines this past year, and for good reason; the former Disney star has made it abundantly clear that she’s not an innocent child star any longer, and the results of her wrecking-ball entrance into adulthood captivated news sources during the later half of 2013. Fittingly, Cyrus very publicly left 2013 with a bang and rung in the new year in New York City as one of the starring acts in the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show in Time’s Square. Finding herself among such infamous names as Robin Thicke, Cyrus was not lost to the crowd, and gave a splendid performance that’s sure to have people raving well into the new year.

The artist performed both of her recent hits, “Wrecking Ball” and “Get It Right,” ensuring a multitude of jokes about Miley swinging from the famous Waterford ball. As always, Twitter was an apt means for people to share their jokes with the masses.

Cyrus’ stellar performance wasn’t the only thing that had people talking, however; her clothing choices also left critics raving. Donning a golden, belly-revealing ensemble, Cyrus still managed to stay warm in the below-freezing New York chill with a huge, white, fur coat, which was carried by three back-up dancers so it wouldn’t touch the ground.

Image courtesy of Miley Cyrus’ official Twitter.

  • Sharon

    Can’t anyone see that Miley is trying to re-invent herself by acting out? It’s worked before. Perhaps it will work again. Not impressed. She is mostly homely looking. Her naked video could not have been successful if she had any kind of bust-line. Seen it with Madonna. Seen it with Brittany. Miley…you couldn’t even rate to tie Pink’s shoes! Fade off into drug addicted haziness with cronies like Justin Beiber. You are all just manufactured entertainment!