Mike’s Wacky Journey to SES San Jose

    August 8, 2005

I am alive and well in San Jose for SES. How was the trip? Well… lemme tell you.

Editor’s Note: WebProNews reporters Mike McDonald and Chris Richardson will be attending the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose all week. Keep an eye out at WebProNews and WebProWorld for updates.

My flight was the worst. Ever.

First, I am on the no-fly list. — I dunno…

Then, I was delayed 1 hour leaving Lexington, given that my layover was only 1 hour for my connector, that worked out about as well as you might expect.

Did I mention my connector was in Newark? Yes, Newark, New Jersey. Now you don’t have to be a geography genius to immediately realize that Jersey is in the exact opposite direction of where I was going… but that’s the way it goes.

So I finally land in Jersey at 5:10. My flight was supposed to be boarding at 4:45 with a 5:20 departure. As such, as soon as I hit the ground it was time to queue the Indiana Jones music and run like the wind thru 18 gates to my connecting terminal.

Hostess and the Internet have made me soft, my friends. The run was a difficult one, but I made it to my gate with 5 minutes to spare feeling quite satisfied with myself (albeit quite winded).

My sense of accomplishment was short lived as I glanced around the gate and discovered that it was empty. A desparate scan of the board however revealed the awful truth. The counter clerk that printed my tickets had me running through the airport like a madman to catch a plane to San Jose COSTA RICA. The California plane was boarding 10 gates back the way I came from.

So I ran some more.

When I got to the right San Jose gate I was much relieved (though nearly dead) finding a crowd of people waiting to board.

So we board, and sit.

And sit.

And sit.

Presently the pilot came on and informed us that the first class lavatory was out of service. No big deal I thought (I aint in 1st class). But then we continued to sit, sit, sit…

Then, the pilot come back on and said that all of the lavatories were actually inoperable and we’d have to wait til they were repaired. An hour later they decided they would just taxi back to the terminal and let us off while they made repairs. An hour later, they decided they couldn’t fix it and we’d have to wait for a new plane to be prepped.

In the meantime we were directed to yet another gate where we would meet our new plane.

It took a long time.

I was supposed to land 8:45 local time here in San Jose. I landed around midnight (which obviously) felt like 3am to me – but whatever.

Flying sucks.

I’m here though. Spent yesterday in San Fran and had a great time. Fisherman’s Wharf to Haight (very cool) to North Bay for a late dinner to finish the day (or so I thought).

My genius brother took a wrong turn on the way back into San Jose however and ended up driving us 2 and a half hours in the opposite direction while I was, uh… asleep… in the back seat.

Riding sucks too.

I’m ready for some search stuff now. I’ve been tempered in fire friends and feel ready for anything at this point.

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Mike is a manager at iEntry. He has been with iEntry since 2000.