Mike Tyson Singing, Charles Manson Dancing, and Tom Brady Hating

By: Jeremy Muncy - December 6, 2011

Welcome to the maiden voyage of our daily viral videos roundup. We’ll highlight videos that are currently viral and ones that are trending that way. Today we have a small child hating Tom Brady, Charles Manson dancing, and Fus Ro Dah. You know… the usually.

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Charles Manson dancing to “Everyday I’m Shufflin”

This kid really hates Tom Brady. (His parents are doing something right)

Mike Tyson singing “Girl from Ipanema” – You’re welcome.

Mullet. Whistling. Need I say more?

Crazy Immersive movie experience

Fus Ro Dah!!!!1!!!

The Cabin in the Woods Trailer

Crazy picture drawn with only 3.2 million dots.

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