Mike Tomlin Reacts To Call In Chargers Game, Talks About NFL Officiating

    December 30, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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Mike Tomlin, the coach of Pittsburgh Steelers, is likely to have a strong opinion on the way the end of the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers played out.

The game between the Chiefs and Chargers was the last piece of the puzzle in getting the Steelers into the playoffs, and unfortunately, things did not happen the way they wanted it to.

As a result, there will be no post-season for Mike Tomlin’s Pittsburgh Steelers, and their season is over with a record of 8-8.

The game ended on a very controversial note in which the San Diego Chargers lined up incorrectly on a field goal, but the penalty was not called.

The NFL later corrected themselves, and in a statement made today, it was said that the Chargers should have been penalized for an illegal formation.

The result of the field goal was a miss from 41 yards by Ryan Succop of the Chiefs, and the game was tied at the time. The missed field goal sent the game to overtime, where the Chargers would eventually win.

The odds of making the playoffs were not likely for the Steelers coming into week 17, but after getting in the position to make the playoffs, fans were crushed after the result of the Chargers game.

After the game, Mike Tomlin said “Obviously, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done from an officiating standpoint.” He also refused to make an official statement about how he felt about the field goal, saying that was between him, his kids, and his basement.

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers around the country were clearly upset about the call, and Mike Tomlin, who made sure that his team got the win, expressed his frustration as well. He has had great success with the Steelers, and after starting out the season 0-4, he was able to turn the team around, and almost make the playoffs.

As someone who is on the NFL Competition Committee, Mike Tomlin will actually have a say in the process to change officiating practices. He wants to be able to make a difference, not simply someone who is complaining, saying “I always want to be someone that’s part of the solution as opposed to someone that’s complaining and moaning about the problem. I intend to roll my sleeves up and offer any insight I can in making [the league] the very best it can be moving forward.”

In order for the Steelers to make the playoffs, they needed to win, and have the Dolphins, Chargers and Ravens all lose. Well, they beat the Browns, and had help from the Dolphins and Ravens, but unfortunately the Chargers were not willing to let them sneak into the playoffs.

After finishing the season with a record of 8-8, Mike Tomlin will look to improve with his team in 2014.

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  • Dion M. Soskin

    As part of the committee will he be changing the rule about coaches interfering with play on the field sorry Mr. Tomlin but your move in the Ravens game was intentional you were looking side ways not at the screen and when Jones got close you moved onto the field not to the sideline. officiating in the NFL is a joke there is holding on EVERY play and you can’t hit anyone anymore all of this is killing the game.

    • Bravo

      Please. Tomlin didn’t interfere on purpose. He was looking at the jumbotron. He was barely on the field when it happened. I never saw so much nonsense about one stupid play that didn’t effect anything. You would have thought Tomlin went out and tackled the guy then hit in the face like Woody Hayes did against Clemson.

      I played football for a long time. I constantly saw coaches get so caught up in the game that they forgot where the sideline was. Tomlin is a stand up guy. If you ever see his press conferences, he is very straight forward. If the Steelers suck, he says they suck. He holds everyone accountable. There wasn’t some grand scheme by Tomlin influence the Baltimore game. He doesn’t think Pittsburgh needs to cheat to win. He will be the first to tell you that Pittsburgh is going to come and beat your ass and win.

      That is how Pittsburgh thinks and that has won them 6 Super Bowls. Winners don’t need to cheat. They know they are going to kick ass and take names. Cheating is for teams that never win and have doubts. Winners are going to tell you how they are going to beat you and then do it.

      • rayray

        Stop your whining and don’t be a little bitch. Pittsburgh Steelers are not what they use to be.

        • 3 Super Bowls in 10 Years

          Not what they used to be? Well, you can say that about any team you want.

          They went to three Super Bowl in the past 10 years. That is pretty good. You have some teams that have not even been to the playoffs in 10 years let alone three Super Bowls. You have some teams that have never even played for a Super Bowl or won a Super Bowl.

          Of course, no team will be able to always be on top. Teams always have to rebuild. It is just the nature of the game. But really, as far as consistent franchises go. The Steelers are pretty much always in it and they are pretty consistent.

        • John

          This has nothing to do with the Steelers not getting into the playoffs, it is about the poor job the referees have been doing and should be held accountable for their actions just like the players and coaches. Either do you job right or keep off the field.

        • kill u

          U r

      • Chris

        You are dumb as hell. Didn’t effect anything huh? Jones was about to run that back for a touchdown until he had to avoid Tomlin which forced Jones towards a Steelers defender and he was tackled because of Tomlin. You are so full of denial it’s funny!

        “he was barely on the field” Point is he was on the field, against the rules.. bottom line. If he was looking at the ‘tron than he would have been able to see himself clearly in the running lane of Jones, because the image on the tron was the same televised image I was watching and I could see Tomlin was in the way and eventually obstructed Jones path.

        Another instance of them cheating was when they played the Bengals last year.. Emmanual Sanders dropped down and faked an injury so they didn’t have to call a time out..

        Tomlin pulls these stunts out because he is scurrred. They are called the “Steelers” for a reason, they will do whatever it takes to STEAL the game from the other team. Steeler Nation is full of ignorant fools like you.

        • RayLewis

          Ravens had their chance to make the playoffs and blew it

          • EdReed

            I agree!! and I liked the advice from the Steve Miller Band ‘Take The Money And Run’

        • jon

          Stay offline until your old enough to talk with the adults

          • Mr Hanky

            from a guy named after a toilet

        • Chris

          The only ignorant person is YOU!!!! Name one team who hasn’t faked an injury dumb ass! That is part of the game! You just hate tha fact that Steeler Nation has the most loyal and dedicated fans. Oh, and you hate the success of the Steelers…CRYBABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dewbert

        At first, the original angles did look like Tomlin did it accidentally. But, the other angle showed how he did it on purpose. He was looking away from the field of play (which a coach would never do) when he saw the players coming his way and when they got closer he moved onto the field.

      • Vanessa

        You have to be very dumb or blind or naive to think he didn’t do it on purpose. Why would he look at the screen opposite to what’s going on, when he could’ve simply looked at the screen that was in the direction where the play was being made? He was barely on the field? He was way in there when he shouldn’t have been. Why was he way out there in the first place? Please. Don’t make excuses.

      • Kevin

        If he didn’t interfere and was looking at the jumbotron (Straight ahead), then why was his eyes looking out of the corner over his shoulder towards Jacoby. Not only that, he was 1 yard off the field and just as Jacoby arrives at Tomlin, Tomlin steps 1 yard on to the field. If he had stayed in place…he wouldn’t have even been on the field, but the fact that he was looking out of the corner of his eye and stepped on to the field a second before Jacoby reached him is a clear indication is was intentional. Watch it in HD. I kid you not…that’s exactly what he did.

      • Ken

        Puleez. He was looking at the JumboTron because he was watching to see when the runner got close so he could impede, then do his best interpretation of “oops, am I really on the field?” Clearly he knew what he was doing and he did it intentionally.

  • P. Rivers

    Steelers suck and so does their coach the low life cheater!

    • RayLewis

      I admire the Steelers for doing as good as they did this season after starting 0-4

  • P. Rivers

    Steelers suck and especially their coach!

    • RayLewis

      6 rings bling bling!!

      • RayLewis

        I only got 2 :(

      • Brian

        Good god! You sound like a 49er fan with that we got rings nonsense!

  • rayray

    This is to the Pittsburgh choach and fans. Dont be soar losers. They are penalties on every play all day long. So regardless of the mishap we will take it. Lets face it if this would of happend to Pittsburgh the coach wouldn’t been bitching about the call and would of been happy to make post season so stop your whining and enjoy watching chargers play against the Bengals on sunday.

    • RayLewis

      Broncos will win the Superbowl!!!

  • rayray

    This is to the Pittsburgh choach and fans. Dont be soar losers. They are penalties on every play all day long. So regardless of the mishap we will take it. Lets face it if this would of happend to Pittsburgh the coach wouldn’t been bitching about the call and would of been happy to make post season so stop your whining and enjoy watching chargers play against the Bengals on sunday.

    • RayLewis

      Did I mention… The Broncos will win the Super bowl!!!

  • Brian

    ! one word Karma,if Jones would have scored,which he may not have i woulda won my fantasy football game and made the playoffs,now your crying,i love it.

    • Ronald McDonald

      I’m lovin it!! NOT!!!!!!

  • Rob

    Wasn’t it just one year ago that we were complaining because the replacement officials were doing such an awful job? Now I think the real officials are just as bad. I tell you I think that the officials are starting to become just like the players, the work hard when the contract renewal is coming up, but give them a nice fat contract and they stop doing their job.

  • Dewbert

    Was Mike Tomlin upset at the no-call when he tried to interfere in that one game by entering the field of play? He sees an accidental no-call as being worse than his purposeful interference. But, then again… he is biased. He should be kicked off the competition committee.

  • KT

    Oh please, let it go! Fouls most likely happen every play and not called by the referees. As far as being robbed, I guess that bon-headed stunt that Mike Tomlin was an accident; yeah maybe to a blind and deaf person! With the Coach actually doing this is fitting of the fine he received. Pittsburg is just a THUG squad any more with Mike Tomlin at the Command. This agency has no integrity and whines like little girls over this, but will use cheap trick and hits on opponents to get their wins.

    • Brian

      KT, they are starting to sound like the 49ers

  • Brian

    I LOVE the fact that the Steelers didnt make the playoffs, and the Chargers did. I DO NOT like the blown call that allowed the Chargers to make it. However, I say the Steelers got a taste of their medicine and that Karma is a real bitch. The have all to often been the benefactor of blown calls, does super bowl XL ring any bells? How about Tomlins interference on Thanksgiving? I know most will not agree with me, but its about time the Steelers are not benefiting from a bad call.

  • Sean

    As a faithful Steeler fan since the 70’s as a kid, I am greatly disturbed by today’s NFL. This ridiculous display of inept officiating exemplifies the fact that there has to be a system of some kind in place to overturn botched calls (after the fact) that result in situations that affect the integrity of the game. I love NFL football but it is becoming a watered down version of the game that I have watched since childhood. This call should be addressed along with the countless invisible personal fouls and the fact that soon quarterbacks and receivers will be wearing flags because they cannot be touched at all. Poor officiating is robbing the game of what little integrity it has left.