Mike Ditka Fell Asleep During Sunday NFL Countdown [Video]

By: Tobias Roth - December 30, 2013

Despite the fact that the crew was reporting on one of the most meaningful Sundays of the season, and the final week of the NFL’s regular season, Mike Ditka was somehow able to fall asleep during the ESPN broadcast.

Mike Ditka was not able to hold it together long enough to finish the broadcast of Sunday NFL countdown before dozing off.

During the segment, he fell asleep, and was woken up by former wide receiver and fellow commentator, Keyshawn Johnson, when he gave the veteran commentator a nudge to wake him up.

Perhaps he has just been too active lately, and the 74-year-old was simply trying to get some rest. In a big moment for the former player and coach, his jersey was retired by the Chicago Bears in a touching ceremony on December 9th at Solider Field.

He was nudged by Keyshawn Johnson, who was able to wake him, after being asked about the Chicago Bears game multiple times. As the legendary coach for the Chicago Bears, one would think that Mike Ditka would have some things to say about the game.

Unfortunately, he fell asleep when the commentating team started talking about the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. In any case, Mike Ditka’s Bears were not able to get the job done, and lost to the Green Bay Packers, a game that sent them to the playoffs with the help of Aaron Rodgers and his return to the field.

Luckily, Keyshawn Johnson was there to help out, but what could have caused Mike Ditka to fall asleep on the show? Should it be any concern for ESPN on his ability as a commentator, or was he simply tired?


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  • bf


  • bf

    now what?

  • Michael

    I would not make fun of him as he is older could be suffering from Narcolepsy.

  • Funny As Hell

    Sorry, but that is funny as hell. But really, it has happened to all of us. Young or old. I was in a board meeting in my early 30s and I just couldn’t stay awake for some reason. I had gotten plenty of sleep the prior day. I don’t drink or use drugs. I just couldn’t stay awake. I had just eaten a big lunch though. Food can make you sleepy.

    Cut the guy some slack. We know it has happened to everyone of us.


    he must have sleep through the whole season when he was coached the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS