Middle Eastern Traffic To UK, US Slowed

    January 31, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

More information is surfacing about the submarine cable network that was mysteriously cut in the Mediterranean. As a result Internet traffic from the Middle Eastern region and India will experience sluggish performance when accessing websites in the UK and the eastern US.

Middle Eastern Traffic To UK, US Slowed

The latest numbers say that India is experiencing a 50 percent bandwidth cut, and Egypt has lost 60 percent of its Internet capacity. ISPs and major industries are rerouting via the Asia Pacific networks.

The cause of cable cut, which occurred off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt, is still unknown, but the leading theory thus far is a dropped anchor. Delays and disruptions are being reported in Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Major call centers, a staple of the Indian economy, are reporting less difficulty since rerouting via backup networks.

No word yet on how the outage is affecting troops in and around Iraq and Afghanistan.