Microsoft’s Sweet New Ad Intelligence Tool

    January 11, 2008

I hate to curse, but this tool is bad ass. Ad Intelligence is a new keyword tool from Microsoft which is well worth using, and will probably force Google and Yahoo to make better keyword tools.

All of this data is free during the beta test as long as you have a Microsoft AdCenter account (you can set one up for $5, with a $50 coupon if you search Google for AdCenter) and a copy of Microsoft Excel 2007 (the Ad Intelligence link above allows you to download a free trial of Excel).

Example Keyword Data

Some samples of the kinds of data you can get from Microsoft Ad Intelligence:

keyword data

Microsoft Keyword Data

related keywords

Microsoft Related Keywords

spiky keywords
Microsoft Spiky Keywords

URL related keywords

Background Data Information Reviewed

Here are some of the sweet features of Microsoft Ad Intelligence:

  • Keyword wizard: Allows you to extract keywords based on a list of keyword in excel, a given vertical, or a given URL. Then it allows you to generate an expanded keyword list based on category similarity, keyword bidding association, or keywords containing the core keyword. Then it allows you to export an output of estimated search volume, clicks, ad position, ad CTR, and click cost for a given date range and match type.
  • keyword extraction: Extract keywords based on an input URL. Can set maximum keywords from 1 to 100, and can set a minimum confidence level of relevancy.
  • keyword suggestion: suggest keywords based on aggregate advertiser behavior, keywords containing the core keyword, or keywords that are deemed to be similar based on category similarity
  • search buzz: Top category keywords based on 22 core categories and about a couple hundred subcategories. The spiky tool uses the same categories but is focused on spiky keywords, and includes spiky index, spike start date, and spike end date. You can also set it to "all verticals" to discover leading overall spiky keywords or leading common search queries.
  • monthly traffic: Monthly search volumes for keywords, and forecasts for the next 3 months. Also offers a daily search volume option.
  • keyword categorization: Identifies categories that a keyword belongs to.
  • geographic: Shows the geographic breakdown of a search query.
  • demographic: Shows date range and male vs female breakdown stats of keywords.
  • monetization: Allows you to view ad impressions, ad clicks, CTR, and CPC by category.
  • advanced algorithms: Allows you to change date ranges and other variables for the above tools.

Try it Today

You have to have Microsoft Office 2007 with Excel and an AdCenter account to use this tool. But it is well worth the effort to sign up for free. Some early reviews are available on WMW, and you can download the package here.