Microsoft’s adCenter Desktop To Exit Beta

    December 10, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Microsoft’s adCenter Desktop, currently in beta testing, is about to go public, said Jeremy Lamothe, Search Account Manager for Microsoft Advertiser and Publisher Solutions at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago.

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Microsoft's adCenter Desktop To Exit Beta
Beta-testers have been hard at since April of this year, and the general buzz around it is regarding the ability to manage a keyword campaign with offline tools. Usable for multiple engines, adCenter Desktop allows advertisers to manage campaigns offline. Of note is also the program’s ease of integration with Excel.

That “multiple engines” tag was likely important to Clickable CEO David Kidder, who didn’t pull his criticism in the presence of a softie. “Microsoft is great, but the volume isn’t there,” he said. Whichever PPC management tool a search advertiser chooses, Kidder recommends asking these essential questions as a guide.

Which ad networks are supported?
Does the tool offer conversion tracking?
What reporting tools are offered?
Is it easy to implement and use?
What’s the pricing model?
Are there agency management features?
Does have enterprise scalability?

If tools are lacking at present, Kidder says he’s confident the market will continue innovate by integrating and separating existing tools.

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WebProNews’ Cara Worick contributed to this article.