Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon Look to Throw the Book at Google

Aim to Disrupt Google Book Search Settlement

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Microsoft, Yahoo, and Amazon have reportedly banded together under the organization of the Internet Archive and antitrust lawyer Gary Reback, to try and put a stop to Google’s settlement with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers over Google Book Search.

Add to that, the New York Library Association, the Special Libraries Association, and the American Society of Journalists and Authors, who are part of the coalition, which has yet to be announced officially. Alex Pham with the LA Times reports:

The coalition’s members include players who normally would be sitting at opposite sides of the table. Reback, for example, is known for instigating the antitrust efforts against Microsoft. That they have agreed to join forces suggests the magnitude of concern raised by Google’s book-scanning efforts, Brantley said.

"By having a set of organizations speaking together, we can demonstrate the seriousness which we all confront by the issues raised by the proposal," Brantley said in an interview. "We are all united in our understanding of the core issues, such as its impact on competitiveness and the threat to reader privacy."

The coalition has until September 4th to make something happen, as the deadline for comments on the settlement, reached in October 2008, draws near. This settlement would see a 70%/30% revenue split between authors/publishers and Google respectively. Google is no doubt more interested in the potential ad revenue it could rake in.

Meanwhile, Google has been making friends with some former opponents. Reports this week, have Google close to a deal with the Bibliotheque Nationale de France (BNF, or the National Library of France), for one.

Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon Look to Throw the Book at Google
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  • Guest

    Information Gigoloogle can not have monopoly of this information! It is just wrong and dangerous, even if the stupid user does not care to be treated as potential consumers of googlead$.

    This is to much power! I hope Amazon, Yahoo, etc… suceed in stoping or at least changing this situation!

    The Church of Goglentology needs more scrutinny.

    • USAF Airman

      I agree with you 100%. First Google takes control of online video streaming(You Tube) and now they want a big piece of the book market? Next thing you know Google will control the online porn industry……Well maybe not but I hope you understand where Im going with this.

      • http://www.SolutionsWide.com That Dude

        Unlike Microsoft, Google is Open Source, Free, and Ahead of its time meaning it is not going anywhere any time soon, and you should not have a problem with google being in every aspect of the internet. Not only do they provide better search results, but every single product they make is extremely efficient. I cant believe there are people ignorant enough to dis-like google. Freedom of code and information is the new era.. and if you dont realize that, you will be left behind. P.S. wana know why google rules.. check out Google Wave.. just google it.

        • Malagor

          Alright, lets get a few things straight here. Google is not open source, otherwise every freaking SEO company on the planet would every single website at number one. Second, a monoploy is bad, allow me to simplify 1 = bad, 2 = good. Hope that helps.
          third, ” Freedom of code and information is the new era” Uh huh, yeah sure, just like every other point in history, cause you know every one loves shareing information, we are just such a shareing planet. Happens all the time……………………. nevermind, I forgot, simplify, Shareing = no, Hoarding = yes.

          If you privy to the “open source” of google, please post it, as I am more than certain that it will be a looked at comment. I hope your definition of “open source” isn’t what you see in the HTML in the main page of “google.

  • http://www.zygella.com Joe

    People need to look beyond google on the internet.

  • http://www.dotcominfoway.com/internet-marketing/social-media-marketing Teena

    Amazing union of Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon to shatter Google’s efforts for Google Book. However, Google seems to be close to the deal. If Google gets it done, then it would be more powerful than before in the search world.

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